Full face helmets and awareness

Hi all, looking for some advice on helmets before I pull the trigger.

I currently have a standard triple 8 brain saver (which, can I add, saved my brain recently). I also have an Oakley Mod5 snowboard helmet and it’s very comfortable and fine on the slopes but frankly looks stupid on a board.

I’m considering a TSG Pass but I’m concerned about my awareness while using it, I’ve not really spent much time in my adult life on bikes or needed to use full face helmets for any other application so I’m not sure how much gets taken away with it on. There’s no where local to me that I can test the pass.

Can you still hear traffic well? Do you find the framed vision ever gets in the way at all?

I’ll take some pics of my triple 8 tomorrow, it’s outside in the car atm and I have no pants on. I basically hit a groove in the road on pneumatics from an angle and the board went one way and I went the other, it all happened so fast and before I knew it I was on the ground, got some mean road rash on my elbow, hip and my neck muscles were tender for days. Helmet crunched off the ground on the back, small but deep gouges that would likely have put me in hospital. Now I’m concerned about the front of my face, I’m really pretty.

Any advice welcome please.


using a sector 9 dh6 predator. great visibility. you didnt need to tell us you dont wear pants!


i also come from a background of bikes and tiny helmets and i tried the TSG pass and didnt like the visibility or the sound. i do like the berm helmet with a small visor (which is pretty functional).https://www.rei.com/rei-garage/product/141553/bern-team-watts-bike-helmet-mens?CAWELAID=&cm_mmc=PLA_bng|404_120360||none|c5b831c4-08ea-42d5-875a-9187937c477f|pla-4584757331141708&kclid=c5b831c4-08ea-42d5-875a-9187937c477f&gclid=

cheap. and most importantly it fits very nicely and comfortably. no obstruction of sound or view. looks pretty nice https://www.evo.com/helmets/bern-brentwood-bike-helmet

i have this one https://www.evo.com/helmets/bern-watts-eps-bike-helmet?image=132450/548917/bern-watts-eps-bike-helmet-matte-black.jpg&pt_source=googleads&pt_medium=cpc&pt_campaign=&pt_adgroup=&msclkid=59f92089e6231e09f6847b9069b2868a&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=BSC_Bike&utm_term=4580771601618941&utm_content=BSC_Bikes

i have fallen off and banged the back of my head HARD. not even a bump or headache and i still use the same helmet without worry.

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I’ve got the bern as well and am very happy with it. I am however going to join the full face helmet club. I am currently pondering this one -


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if you normally wouldnt be wearing glasses when riding this things makes even more sense. a bug in the eye at 30 sucks. but all those straps and buckles on top of glasses especially and i think id have a freakout. the tsg pass takes like 30 seconds just to get it on

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I freaking love my pass, during rides I sometimes flip the visor up to look at hot chicks then flip it back down when they’re looking…jk

But on a serious it’s very nice and functional. One of the few helmets that fits even though I have a head of dreads. I could hear cars approaching from behind in the city and it was very breathable. I also felt very secure


I’ve currently torn between the two, and can’t decide. I know a lot of the guys on here go for the tsg. I’m only really going to be using it for the more tackling runs on my mountainboard, forests mud tracks etc. For light runs to work I’ll prob stick with the bern. Hmm decisions decisions :thinking:

TSG is the opium of esk8ers


I can hear very well in traffic with the TSG Pass, enough to hear people around me and cars coming. There is a little meshed hole next to the ears. Obviously you will never get great sound with a full face unless you just want to listen to yourself talk.

Visibility is also great, you have to remember these were designed by downhill skaters who needs that visibility. I have Bell Super 3R before and that was a great helmet, but it takes a lot of work to look down because the chin bar gets in the way.

I am one for following the collective, less decisions by me are involved. Do they do a Borg edition TSG :thinking:


I thought it was important you understood my package location.

Thanks for all the input gents, I think I’ll get the pass after all. Now I have to add the standard one to my cart and not the pro gold one.

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The gold one looks so nice tho. I just replaced my purple one after a hard face plant and although the helmet still looks fine I replaced it anyway. The one issue with the Pass I noticed is that the visors scratch super easily and cost $50 to replace, good thing it comes with two.

It’s breathable and has good airflow but in the summer when I stop I need to lift the lid to not drip sweat, dunno how hot it gets where you live. I also think it helps attract attention from drivers which is a plus.

Coming from a long time Pass user, I don’t find anything wrong with the visibility. I can also comfortably wear glasses and carry on a conversation with it on.

Granted I haven’t tried other helmets, but I haven’t needed to. In the end it’s your personal preference, and if you happen to want a large white Pass let me know!

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I’m all the way over in the UK unfortunately. I think I’ll spring for the gold one, might as well sploog

I’m thinking about doing this to the clear visor (inside)

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There are also full face helmets without visor.

i’m gonna have to tell your girl :woman_shrugging:

Tsg Pass and t8 racer have almost no visibility impact. Hearing other riders can some times be a chore, but hearing traffic is a non issue.


Snitch 10 ch


cheater 10 c

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