Full face mountain bike helmet safe for esk8?

Hi everyone,

I searched for this but couldn’t find an answer. Are mountain bike helmets sufficient for skateboarding? I would like face protection from a helmet with chin bar but not at the expense of the 360° head protection offered by my half shell helmet. I don’t see downhill longboarders wearing these so I wanted to check they are ok.

Any helmet is better than none,

I mean they look good and if there a bargain look for what certification it has :slight_smile:

all helmets have a certification. It means it has passed a range of different tests to be certified. what certification does the helmet in question have? some can take multiple impacts, some can only be used once. it pays to know the limitations and the fitness for purpose of your safety gear.

helmet chart certification

heaps of info here: https://www.helmets.org/general.htm

and here: http://www.skatesafe.org/safety-gear/helmets/



IMO The Met Fahrrad are a good all round helmet very light also they dont feel to inclosed like a lot of full face helmets, they can be picked up quite cheap as well on Ebay new and secondhand.