Fully Built Electric Longboard

Torqueboards 218MM trucks - $65

Dual Focbox and heatsink - $220

BKB anti-spark-$25

Dual BKB 6354 190kv motors - $180

Dual pulley system (w/2 extra belts)- $100

Remote + Receiver - $45

Bluetooth module - $20

Bustin boards “Shrike Elements” deck- $120.

3x 4S 5000mah lipo batteries - $150

I can give more detail but everything is from build kit boards.

Total price for build was $925.

Selling set up for $700 plus shipping.

CONTACT FOR OFFERS OR QUESTIONS 404-547-5780 [email protected]

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Welcome to the forum.


I am willing to negotiate with pricing.

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Will you take 350

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Just letting your huevos hang out there huh… bold move. :call_me_hand:t2: