Fusion360 help?

any of you good at it? I have a drawing I cant alter. a slight chage or two on 2d and 3d drawings.

Not on my computer right now, but could you post pics what you need to alter?

I figured how to do a change to the 2d drawing but need to change it to 3d. thanks for your help but don’t know how to do a screen shot. is it possible you could tell me how to change the 2d into a 3d? maybe I have to build it all again with the new dimensions…extruding and stuff?

I think what you are looking for is the “finish sketch” button with a green check mark on it

You have to extrude your shapes to get 3D.

So you started with a 2d sketch? Then finnish sketch, and extrude it in xyz to make a 3d

I started with a drawing and friend helped me …but now I need to change two or three things. I figured it out on the 2d, at least it has the right numbers on it but didnt’ change the shape. the 3d…I don’t want to have to do the too much and rather just change the dimensions on what I have already don’t know how to do a screen shot

windows snipping tool for screen shot :slight_smile:

Also you can add someone to the project so they can work on the file for you without even sending your file to anyone

I’m feeling more private about this than the past (yet here on a public forum asking for help I know)…but if one of you give me your email…I think I could include you. i’m inching closer to figuring it out after 4 hours.

don’t know windows snipping tool. I just got a new 300 dollar computer. I rarely use it for anything technical.

id love to learn fusion360 just not right now as I’m in a rush to just get this part done

Your 3D part should change shape when you change the dimensions in the sketch.

yea that’s what I heard but it’s not. I’m sure I’m missing something. maybe a duplicate

I probably could do this, send me a pm with some pics maybe, or right here.

Sorrentino hooked me up. Thanks everyone for offering to help.

but I think he went to sleep or I sucked all the juice out of him already and I have to convert from 2ds to 3. do I have to go through every dimension and extrude? seems a lot of work and I thought maybe there was a better way?

No that’s the way to go :slight_smile: you can extrude multiple sketches at the same time to the same dimension tho

We were out riding. :octopus:

Did you solve it? I can prolly help you out if you share the screen with teamviewer or send a screenshot so I understand what you Are trying to do. Shoot me a PM if you want.

this is the old version in 3d but the new version is very similar but I only have it in 2d.

will it produce 3d from the 2d instantly? chutney said it would and it did happen for me before. definitely don’t want to do it all dimension by dimension

Finally a screenshot. We’re all getting lost without one.

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