FVT 120a can not reach maximum speed

hello,i have a problem, after intensive driving, motor can not attain the maximum speed. It behaves as if it had a speed limit. Is it possible that the motor overheats and therefore can not reach the speed?

yes, possible. Or it is an error. I have had this only once… I restarted it and I remember it straight away… I do remember a bit warm air coming off from the fan … but it was not utterly hot.

Is it possible to check if this is definitely a bug?

Im not super sure.

What matter is that it still works as it should. I dont see it that dangerous.

2nd scenario - for some reason battery voltage went low enough to trigger low voltage mode.

Then it looks like, it also limits power tremendously.

I have put a ESC into thermal protection. Another possibility.

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Now I know that this is not a protection against overheating, the problem lies in something else. Look at the movie, the engine can not reach maximum speed, after resetting everything already works. What may be the problem?


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Yup. The thermal protect would stay in limp mode till it was under max temp and reset.

motor sounds healthy when spinning up fully - so don’t hear any bad grinding or noises that might be a problem.

How hot is the motor? How hot is the ESC?

See if the ESC heatsink is clogged? blow it out/clean it and see if helps. I’d also try some forced cool air to see if it prevents it from going into the protection/slow mode?

if you do all that and it still keeps happening - likely a new ESC?

When I touch the engine it is very warm but does not burn the hand. The esc is slightly warm. Esc is new, I bought them yesterday. The previous fvt did not have this problem. I installed the fan on the motor but the problem still occurs, maybe the fan is too weak.

I do not know what to do, this problem spoils all the joy of driving. :disappointed_relieved:

These are my settings, maybe I have a badly set controller?

I disassembled the controller, to see if it is overheating. When the engine can not reach full speed, the red LED starts to blink. Controller is broken? On the previous fvt I had no such problem. What does blinking red LED mean?


Will take a look at vids later, not at pc at the moment

What i would change is.motor timing

I think i have it at normal.but.im.not.sure can that cause your problem. If you know about timings.better than me then leave it as it is, otherwise i think high timing made better performance but ran everything a bit hotter

I set the motor timing to normal. The problem still occurs, it happens even without load.