Fvt 6S 120A esc BRAKE ISSUE

Hi guys, my e board is build with fvt 6S 120A esc I found the Brake is very hard. So, I ask the manufacturer could it provide the new firmware with the linear brake or progressive brake. the new firmware is better than old one. is anybody need this frimware?

I assume you cannot change any setting once you upload the ‘new’ firmware. Isnt that so?

Otherwise… would be great, if they managed to offer to upload new firmware while also offer the possibility to go back to the old one… if the new one is not 100% good.

I have one of these, there’s 2 models, one you can change the settings and one that you can’t. Unfortunately I have the one where you can’t change the settings and I have that problem with the brake. It throws you off the board even if you’re going 2mph.

@kbazzy98 What firmware version #'s did they give you?


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you can change any setting after flash firmware

brake is still very hard brake on high speed( need 20% force maybe) ,but you have nice brake in low speed

Wow, that really worked. I had tried 10 of those identical programs but this one must have been the real one. All the other ones could not even read the esc settings. Now my motor does reverse. Thank you!!!

hey there, just got my esc and it worked great on my motor when i tested it.

so i updates the firmware from the banggood site ( have the same as you 120a waterproof ftv)

now i updated the firmware with the site u gave in the replys and when it was done updating it turn off, now it dosnt want to connect to my pc or lcd programming card, and when i connect it to the motor and connect it to my transmitter it dosnt turn on and dosnt do anything. only the led light stil works but has been less bright then before.

@denwex Sounds fucked up… did u resolve this?

Did it say - linear brake firmware? I was planning to install it, but didnt do it yet…

There was this otherone… supposedely for skateboards, though people said it is not customizable and also doesnt let you go back to old firmware… which one did u download?

well just use the custem firmware i woud say, the last one never worked again and is in the thrash can now. yeah on the banggood site where you can buy it, they also give a skateboard firmware with it

not yet tryd it but will do soon