FVT dual 12S 120A ESC not working

Hi all,

I received this brand new ESC, but there is no documentation about it, FVT website sucks a lot… maybe i’m doing wrong but:

  • when I power ON the ESC, nothing happens
  • USB link is OK but ESC is not recognized by software

What is the procedure to flash ? There is a little button next to on/off switch, what is it for ?

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

the little switch is for ESC, after you connect everything, u need to switch on the button.

usb link seem like need connect the short wire instead of long wire. The long wire is for remote connection.

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Oh yeah it works with the two little wires, need to push ON the button when firmware is open, otherwise ESC is not detected :slight_smile:

If you zoom on my image, you can see there is a small push button 1mm next to the on/off switch, i don’t know what is it.

Now I need to receive my GT2B to try it !

Usually, that little button is for you to set your endpoints of your controller.

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Hi Whitehawk im considering this dual esc and other FVT Esc’s so i was looking for users and found this/your post. How is the FVT dual Esc holding up? looking for opinions on things such as reliability and response on start off, breaks and so on, any info would be very helpful, thanks.

It was working well but an issue has appeared : when I was using motor brakes, the ESC shut off… I have send back my ESC to china for repair, will see after that how much time it will work :slight_smile:

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