FVT Dual Motor Esc

Hi guys,

Just found this new dual FVT esc on alibaba looks great. Do you guys think it’s just to single escs connected together? If it is would I be able to just use it for powering one motor?


I guess it’s possible to use just one and have the other for future upgrade or in case the first one brake. The price is tempting…thanks for finding!

Yeah that’s what I was thinking!

Anyone interested in a Group Buy?

Where are you located journey ?

We sold the sleeping lion esc’s for about 1 week. They suck. Very limited programmability. The brakes are not progressive. Either on or off. Also if you hit the throttle before the beeps stop (which is easy to do) they have a tendency to burn out. I have 4 right now that are bricked.
Save your money for something good or just plan on buying a few of them.

Yes i see the post of Idea who test the esc for fvt and he burned up, but it was a very good idea to reduce the cost …

The brakes r fixed with new firmware

So there’s absolutely no lag? And are they actually progressive or do they still have the 2 step soft, then hard accuation? If there’s any of that, it isn’t fixed. It’s unsafe.

Its working 100%

Cool! Alrighty then.

Hi Mike, Very good news if the newfirmware is totally perfect, but where could we get it? Do u have a link to download it? It would be very helpful :wink::+1::+1: Yann

Hi Mike, Thanks for your reply, i tested this firmware on maytech 12s120a esc with result as mentionned so i hope fvt/ maytech will work soon to solve it and purpose a perfect reliable firmware. Bugs i noticed are about brakes 1/ only in sensorless mode: When I m using brakes, esc is sending back electrical to power supply (battery) with more voltage than supplied by battery . This makes me think to a kind of regenerative breaking but without electrical regulation so I m afraid it would damage battery. 2/ only in sensored mode: When i m using brakes, after releasing brakes, esc is sending a forward pulse which is making motor’s spinning fast and quick for less than one second as i ve sending a forward pulse by the transmistter ( but not and ppm is controled to neutral). This issue was reported by some of builders in different posts, studied by Kaspars, mentioned by others.

To my point of view, those esc are lacking about throttle calibration at this time.

I m waiting about fvt/maytech at this time about exposed bugs I found and mentioned here. I hope they will react soon :+1::+1: and i ll post here results about​:wink: Cheers


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This is an issue with your throttle calibration on the nano or gt2b

Hi Mike, I ll test it with different settings and trimming of throttle , i wish it will work better but i dont believe it because if it was a calibration problem, i hope the motor wont spin a few milliseconds but long time and at very low rpm. At this time , releasing brakes give the same thing as a suddenly burst of throttle (as 50%throttle range or something same)

Plus, this issue didnt appear in sensorless mode…curious and …not cool😓

Tx is HK GTx3R not gt2b or nano etc. I ll test it with maytech tx-rx I own too, just to see how those esc react to different tx/rx setup. I think , as you about something about throttle calibration and ppm range which is always “moving” but i think there is more probably an esc firmware issue . Wait and see if someone as a solution, we are waiting for​:+1::+1::+1: Cheers Yann