G-bomb question

Has anyone tried to use any gbombs w/ TB 218mm trucks?

Also has anyone tried gbombs with @psychotiller’s wheels?

I’m loving the Deep Drop bracket from them and it would be a great way to avoid cutting into a board I think, however I’m having trouble picturing it all in my head haha

What deck?

Doesn’t matter… mine is a blank 48" but ima be making a new deck soon

Gbomb brackets are made for very specific setups and involve angles configured for pumping a specific truck type like Bennett vector or Don’t Trip trucks. While the form factor is cool and looks like it would work well it’s actually flexy, lightweight and weak…barely enough there for what it’s purpose is, it would be a bad idea to adapt them to electrics and a great idea to take the design philosophy of building something purpose built…

I love love love mine and take it out often for short workouts…

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That’s what I was looking for, thanks @squishy654 … I needed to know if I needed a redesign. No sense in reinventing the wheel, as they say