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Hey Everyone,

I’m Jamie, from Surrey in the UK. I’ve been stalking this group silently for the last couple of weeks, since discovering the Boosted Board. I’ve not skated for about 15 years but snowboard and kite surf a lot and a friend couldn’t believe I hadn’t gotten in to long boarding. So I googled that a bit… and eventually found the boosted and evolve boards. They looked amazing, the boosted board especially. Until I saw the price and the fact that it would take about 10 years to arrive. That led me down the DIY route very quickly and on to this amazing forum.

Some of the work you guys have done is nothing short of amazing. Its all really inspiring, there is no way I would buy now. I love DIY projects like this and think I can build something a bit like a boosted, at least thats the plan.

I have to make a big shout to @whiteponey. I think you have already made the board of my dreams. So please feel honoured and some pride when I try to emulate your success, expect serious plagiarism of your work and some begging for advice.

It seems that its a nice time to be getting into this. So much great kit being made and sold be the community. Theres a mind boggling array of mounts, belts and various other good shit.

Its pissing down here at the moment in the UK so I feel my timing is perfect. I have a few months to build without feeling the rush to get it on the road.

Actually I’ve decided my first steps will be buying a deck, trucks and wheels. I need to get a feel for riding before doing it at 20+mph. Need to cut my teeth etc. Also I have a broken finger so can’t start the build for another month, although maybe I should start ordering parts.

My stats:

I’m 68kg, 5’8”… 39 earth years.

My board:

Loaded Vanguard 38” Flex 3 - Ronin Cast Iron Trucks - Raw - Orangatang Kegel 80mm Wheel - Bearings??? I have no idea yet please help. Are ceramics worth it? There are several sizes…

My future eboard, which I’m sure will evolve the more I read:

Single Motor Setup Torque boards 6374 190KV or 6355. Or maybe the Alien 6355 as they are easier from the UK is there a good standard one now. Perhaps the 10S4P DIY battery, probably go with a BMS as I want to charge from my garage… that only has 12v (solar) and the chargers will be basic. Need the protection from the BMS I think on that basis. VESC of some nature, seems like there are options here. I like the look of the bluetooth one @evoheyax has made. Would be keen to help develop the app so an Apple Watch can display battery and distance/speed. Controller. Very keen on the nun chuck route. But not sure if that works with the bluetooth stuff. What does everyone use for that? Hoping the Ronin mount turns out well that I saw @Chris1 developing.

Whats the best gearing and belts. I hear the UK has good belts from ‘Gates’

I intend to make a very slim carbon fibre housing for the batteries and controllers. Similar to @whitepony (I hope).

Be great to get some advice and input from everyone. I aim to be an active member of this community and give back as much as I take.

Cheers, Jamie


@jamoir just keep in mind that deck flex means that you have to lay out your electronics to accommodate a moving platform. It’s easier in some ways to use a stiff deck.

Hey brotha! Glad to see some noobies showing their respect to the community. I’m new as well and have been “stalking” the forum as well. I like your approach and the parts you’ll be choosing. I was also considering the 6374 Torque boards motor. I wanted to know if you had a link to a thread that has a discussion about picking the right motor. Anyhow, hope to keep in touch with you as I start to build mine as well.

  • Neil

Hi @jamoir, welcome. Whereabouts are you in the UK? I’m in Essex, Southend.

I recently did a longboard DIY build with a chain drive instead of the more common belt, have a look at my blog, it may help. In the second part there’s a build video too.

Happy tinkering!

Thanks for the responses.

I wanted a flexible deck as I heard they carve nicely and soak up some bumps too.

My board parts arrived:

  • Loaded Vanguard Flex 3
  • Ronin Raw trucks
  • Bear ceramic bearings
  • Kegal Wheels

It looks amazing, can’t wait to try it out.

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Going to do the split enclosure approach like boosted did. Will ensure it can all cope with flex.

I’ve not seen one, maybe we should start

Looks great… Im Godalming Surrey

BTW, I’ve ordered half of my parts today. I’d say the less expensive ones but, this is starting to rack up! So far I got my board, trucks, 90mm wheels, vesc (DIYelectirc), and 36/16 pully (DIYelectric). That came out to $237! Now I need my motor (Enertion), motor mount (Enertion), rc (Enertion, 3 Turnigy 3S lipos, and a something to charge with! Any suggestions to my setup and or a reasonable charging unit?

The iMax B6 is always a winner, good all round and cheap.

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Thanks brotha! Yeah, I’ve seen that around a lot. Even for my quad it’d be a good charger. However, do you think it’d be adequate enough for (3) 3s 5000 lipos? Not sure about charging times and what not. Do you have one?

You did well getting all that for less than $250. We get a bit ripped off in UK…

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I have one, I use it for 2 x 3s 5000mah lipos. Although I’ve had an issue with the display of the voltage of one of the cells during charging, it actually works perfect and charges well with an Amp rage choice from less than 1 to 5.

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Thanks for the help! That’s real good to know. We’re you able to charge the 3S’ in parallel? Or did you have to charge them seperstely? Again, appreciate the response. :+1:t4: :sunglasses:

Yes, but you need Jst lead adapters to go from 2 x 3s to 1 x 6s, which then plugs in to the charger and balances them all.

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Awesome! Thanks so much sir! :metal:t4: You’ve been real helpful!

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Indeed we do! Why is everything so much cheaper in the states?