Gas Money saved

I can only imagine how much money I have saved in not using my car and mostly using my e board . I have 1000’s of miles on my board now and it’s still going strong. I get to work on it and to the store every day. It’s so much fun too ride and people always ask if I built it and tell me how cool it is. I can ride 80 miles on one charge and it has a top speed I’m to scared to reach lol.


80 Miles! What kinda battery is that??!

Are you sure about that? The biggest battery packs I’ve seen are offering around 30-35 miles per charge. Let’s not misinform the masses here.

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While it is possible to fit an 80 mile pack on a board, i doubt it actually happened. We’re talking around 120-160 quality 18650 cells, so you’re looking at one of my giant packs plus another one and another two thirds of one which could actually fit on a longer top mount with one ESC. Maybe. Possibly.

I’d like to see some pics.


Now I’m curious how your big your enclosure is :stuck_out_tongue:

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He might have a giant lipo pack, and doesn’t go very fast on his board plus is skating on flat ground. And might be light as a fiddle :smile:?

He probably has a trailer behind him with batteries or something maybe those 500Ah boat batteries lol


I’ve actually wanted to try that for a while… imagine going cross country with an electric skateboard, charging it in hotels or even camping and using a solar system with a deep cycle battery to charge!

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a prismatic pack of that watt hour range would dwarf an 18650 pack of the same watt-hours and likely wouldn’t fit on the board. Every time i unpack a lipo or shop for prismatics i find myself disappointed again that they don’t actually save you any space while still being far more puncture prone as well as sag prone. And often more expensive by the time its all said and done.

X2 20,000 mAh 4s lipo’s in series for 8s. 10c max discharge. Drone batteries

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I estimated 29.6miles at 185lb rider with 40 (10s4p) Sanyo 20700B’s on the esk8 calc. Mooch showed the test results at 3989mah or something at 10amp continuous. They are sold and labeled 4250mah but I calculated with 4000mah. Mooch also got 3800mah+ at 15a continuous.

You can get fit those doubled stack under a deck with say 45mm depth adding a thin enclosure for 80 cells. 50-60 Miles.

Going over 40in deck and larger wheels like pneumatics gives you even more room, area of deck and depth to go down stacking.

Triple stack as described is at 90miles+/- from increasing weight and other variable. Also pnuematics if used would decrease more (not sure if those urethane airless tires are near as efficient as regular wheels. )

so 29.6v x 18 ah (90%) = 532.8 wh.

Would say 54 km should be possible… though that would be around 33 miles i believe… maybe in eco mode you could push till 40 miles… / 65 km…

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Lipo’s would be even heavier than an 18650 pack

He’s running 3x 4 tattu 22,000 mah lipos if anything

That is then a 8S with 20 Ah. So that’s then 592 wh which will get you on flat and decent speed about 50 - 60 km. I beat that by 1036 wh (12S8P 30Q) in my street Board. Could get 100 km on a charge at decent speed. At all-in mode in my area it is good for 80 km. At doggy jogging speed i could reach 160 km (100 miles) because then it only uses 6 wh/km. But I guess my dog never want’s to proof that. But it is great to have a battery where you never need to think about it if the range is good enough for the Tour. You will give up before the Board does. But 500 wh are also enough for that.

Oh and on average LiPos are 50 % heavier than Li-Ion

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I was throwing out possible answers, that’s all. I saw in a thread he posted, dated ages ago, that he had been looking at using those multistar lipos, so I kind of assumed he went with those. I’m in the same boat with everyone else though…I find 80miles a little hard to swallow. And I did the math twice, just in case. But in the end, he still saved money on gas by not using his car. :thumbsup:

Prismatic cells…100%. I researched those and holy CRAP those are HUGE! At least the ones I was looking at…made me want to cry.

I road from San Diego to San Marcos and back on one charge. It’s a 38 mile ride by freeway but I was back and forth on side streets that added an extra 4 miles to the trip. 40 miles there and 40 miles back. The batteries never gave out on me and when I charged them back up they both took near 19,000 mAh each.


Going to back the original topic about gas money saved by taking esk8.

I’m a student but during the summer holidays I work and in order to get there I take the bus which would cost me $7 each day (not a lot) but when you start to add that up over time I ended up saving a decent amount of money (helped justifying splashing out on an esk8).

When you add it up $7 a day * 5 days a week = $35 a week * 4 weeks = $140 a month

Over a few months I’ve started to payback some of my board plus travelling becomes really fun :slight_smile:

For me it’s not gas it’s public transportation or traditional scooter in Paris.

It’s 70 € a month for all bus, trams , subway.

My scooter was 1200 € + 15 € of gas each week + 30 € of insurance each month and approx 500 € of maintenance and repair every 2 years. Not to mention bills you can get for wrong parking etc.

So my first board was like no expense since i sold my scooter and built one !

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I can’t even understand how that’s possible. You must have the world’s most efficient esk8 and weigh like 40kg! That’s also an insanely long trip. How did your legs hold out?