Gas powered builds?

I know that this is an “Electric Skate Builders Forum,” but has anyone built gas? It seems to me a gas board would have several advantages, but even better than gas…

I am also wondering about gas-electric boards. It would be awesome to run a generator to charge the battery, which would be small, and then, when in the city proper, or on pedestrain ways, ect. kill the generator and just run on electricity. I know it would be inefficient, but for an esk8 the total amount of power is so small, I don’t think it would be too big of a deal, and it could potentially give the board huge range. Plus, the gas motor could be much smaller than if the gas motor was direct to the wheels, because the batter would handle peak shaving, when you accelerated, ect.

Thinking about doing something along these lines, and wondering if someone else already has.

Also, I know gas boards are what got powered skate banned in some parts of Canada, so I am also wondering what your thoughts are from that perspective.

ik there are nitro motors that the rc car guys use, idk why this couldn’t be used for a generator of sorts?

Nitro motors are very inefficient, the fuel is very expensive and there are none available with the torque required for an eskate application. You could use the gas engines 1/5 scale cars use but these come with their own problems.

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Yea, I think I might look at a two stroke. I think if it were to run a generator, it would not need to have too much torque, mostly efficiency and total power output would be the most important, because it could be geared, and the generator could be designed to work at higher rmps. And for me, a generator that could be turned off for a few miles is a must; I refuse to be blowing blue two-stroke smoke in populated areas, lol.

I was just curious if anyone here had made a gas build, of any sort. If anyone has, pictures, I would love to see them.

It would actually be a pretty fun project, especially, because a microcontroller could regulate the power output of the generator, and ensure that the battery was properly charged. I think it would be pretty doable, will update, if I start making progress on it.

These have been built in the past, but was not well liked for being too heavy and very noisy to the general public. It also resulted in the ban of motor powered skateboard by law until legislation brought it up to date with current trends.