Gasket questions

Any suggestions on how to make a gasket that fits the concave of the board so the enclosure has a good seal? It has to be relatively thick in some spots near the wheel wells and such.

How big of a gap on the sides? Can you sand/shape the front and back of the enclosure to match the concave of the board (or get close to it)?

If you can sand/shape the the front and back of the enclosure to match the concave of the board, keep in mind the amount of headroom inside the enclosure will be lower for all your stuff to fit.

Ya it’s already touching, I was looking more for some type of shape forming material I can shave to fit the board so it’s Flat-Ish where the enclosure meets.

Neoprene foam doesn’t shave all that well, or if I can find a sheet of it thick enough that’s not a huge role like I’ve been finding I could probably make it work, I just can’t afford to spend 200-300$ on a roll of the stuff, havnt been able to find any smaller sheets of it that are thick enough. I probably need an inch to a inch a a half thickness to account for compression.

How about a wooden rail to close most of the gap then use 1/8 foam to close it tight so there’s only some compression you have to deal with. Remember you’re gonna have to catch thread in your mounting hardware. Nuts on bolts if you went thru the deck or bolt to inserts, you’ll need to compress that foam. The shorter the compression the easier time you’ll have catching thread on your mounting hardware.