Gatwod's first 6s build...finally!

A few months back I was watching a YouTube video by a guy named Casey Neistat. In his daily vlogs he rides a Boosted Board around New York City and it looked like a ton of fun so I decided to see how much they cost. $1500 seemed a bit steep, so I decided to look around to see if anyone had tried to make one. I found Endless-sphere and consequently eSk8 :smile:!

So here it goes!

First shipment included my board from Amazon, some bearings and risers and the beautiful mount from (@torqueboards)

I ended up getting these awesome blue Caliber clone trucks from him as well! paired with 90mm Abec flywheel clones!

Here I have my original completed setup…This lasted an entire 24 hours before I blew up both the motor (Turnigy SK3 213kv) and ESC (FVT 120a). I tried going up a massive hill…bad idea

A month later I bought another motor (same one) and decided to grab an ESC from a local hobby shop. It was a Mamba Max Pro which I later find out is a 1/10 scale ESC. Regardless this setup lasted me about another 24 hours. My huge lipo battery fell off the board at speed and ruined it :frowning:

Fast forward to today! @cmatson sent me his used Mamba Monster 2 ESC which has proven to be leagues better than what I was using. Also I purchased a ABS enclosure from @psychotiller and the result is amazing! Take a look!

I hesitated taking a Dremel to that enclosure but needed to let some air for the ESC to breathe. I also lengthened the holes to allow some wiggle room since my board has some flex. Overall I am super happy with my build, There was much trial and error but like another post said “It takes a village to build an e-board” So thanks guys for all the help!!!


Excellent build! Sucks that the battery fell off and both your esc and motor broke! I watch Casey Neistat all the time! Excellent vlogger!

sweet build, looks soo much better with the ABS case.

I also lost a $120 Lipo on my first ever build :frowning: looking back i can only laugh at how bad my first build was.

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a lot cleaner than my first build!

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Congrats! It looks great!

@cmatson Hey! real quick, I noticed in one of your pics that you put the t-nuts in through the bottom of your deck. They are going to eventually fall out that way, possibly dropping your components on the ground.

You need to insert the T-nut through the top of your deck, so that when you thread the screw through your enclosure, into the T-nut, the screw head and the T-nut base pull against one another. (your deck should be between the nut and the screw so they can clamp down on your deck)

The way is now, both the screw and the nut are on the same side of the deck. -There’s no solid anchor point and it can fall out.

Just a heads up!

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Jesus, I didn’t even think about going in from the top! I had some issues with them coming out so I used a C-clamp and pressed them in real tight but I don’t have 100% confidence in them…I will fix this tomorrow, This poor board has been through hell, I’ll need a new deck soon!

Haha! Just fix that one last thing and enjoy it for awhile :laughing:

I’m already looking to the future Dave! I posted my board on craigslist last night! already looking at a new build…hub motors, space cell, and VESC…My life might feel complete when that happens. It’s a vicious cycle…

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you were talking to @Gatwod right?

I got tagged so I’m just making sure…

Yeah! Sorry I clicked on the wrong name I guess

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Right on! @lever’s hubs are legit!

How do you charge your batteries with that enclosure?

It involved taking 10 screws off. I carried a mini electric screwdriver so it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Plenty of people put external ports on their enclosures but I never got around to it

You can run charge and balance leads right out into the open between the deck and enclosure. Or you can mount a balance and charge plug right into the enclosure. Or you can take the enclosure off in about 1 minute because he used t-nuts. Or you can mount solar panels.

“Is this your homework Larry?”

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