Gauging interest: 90mm to 110mm sleeve upgrade

ok are going to make only for 90mm, since many have 97mm wheels ect.

for now, only 90mm. those are most common hubs. 97mm maybe later, because meepo has 97mm hubs now too.

No Hummie Hubs :frowning:

Miswrote to @Benjamin899 ; @Tinp123 Do you plan on selling only hub sleeves and we need to match corresponding wheels ? Or you sell a pack sleeves + front wheels ?

I suppose inner size is 90x55 ? What is outer size? Is it round or flat profile with rounded edges ? Based on your schematics it looks like “slick” type tyres. No radial lines ?

Btw are you sure under hard carve / corner or even a slide are you sure J-B Weld glue is sufficient to keep the sleeves from tearing from the PU ?

no Hummie Hubs for now :frowning: @Vanarian plan is selling only sleeves in the beginning, without wheels. maybe later I could include front wheels too, or maybe whole 4 wheels. I guess it won’t matter if wheels are original abec or chinese copy.
yes inner size is 89x54. but it is possible that I will have to modify mold for less than 89mm, so sleeves will be harder to install, but they will hold stronger to the wheels. yes they are “slick” type tires, with widest outside diameter of 110mm. no radial lines and no threads, because making mold for them will be few times more expensive than mold for this simple tire and benefits would be minimal. I’m not sure sliding is healthy for any type of wheels or tires, and I don’t know how mine will hold when sliding. that has to be tested. before they went out for sale, I will ask few guys here for help with testing. If sleeves won’t hold as strong as I hope they will, I will abandon this project.


I am definitely interested since I already have a cheap chinese board that I would like to improve. I don’t know how difficult it would be to make some prototypes but I’m willing to try one for that price

I’m guessing this could be an upgrade for regular 90mm wheels? It seems like a cheap solution, rather than buying more wheels.

yes. it’s a slip-on sleeve that you can permanently glue to urethane.

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What is the expected cost?

Seems like Ignition Boards makes something similar, but 3D printed with TPU instead of being made of rubber:

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That’s really cool actually. I wonder how well those work?

Not a clue lol I have their 6mm risers, which seem to work pretty well. Not sure about the wheel sleeves, though. :man_shrugging:

Try using a urethane or silicone based glue. The glue is gluing two flexible things together so if you use a non-flexible glue (such as cyanoacrylate aka superglue) it will create stress concentrations and ruin the bond. Superglue will also set too quickly when you try to slide the wheel on. I’ve worked a bit in soft robotics fields where there a lot of gluing of soft molded parts together.

Sil-poxy is one possibility that might work, but a flexible urethane based glue would likely be better. I’d also recommend adding a small lip to one end so you have some alignment that means the wheels have slid all the way on.

For 90->110mm change your board will feel about 80% as strong in acceleration.


yeah, you have some valid points about super glue. I will ask guys in factory which glue they use for tires, and will probably go with that. and idea about small lip is great! this way, every sleeve will be perfectly installed. I will see if that will make price of mold much higher, but it shouldn’t

@TheFluffiest price for a set of four sleeves will be 30-40 eur.

those 3d printed sleeves looks cool, but I don’t think they could last more than a real tire.

Just some advice but I would advise against using rubber as it will increase friction and thus resistances. This will give Chinese boards with already saggy and low ash batteries even less range than they already have.

Urethane would be a much better alternative imo, probably cheaper too

yeah battery life is one of my concerns written in first post. Once I get molds, I could try harder tire material. But who knows, maybe even car tire hardness won’t have such a big impact on battery life? that’s up to tests.

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Actually the bit soft rubber compound is a good idea. If it makes for good balance between more grip, bit of deformation and low friction, it will help turn some hubs into something more aggressive, given ESC and batteries are appropriate.

Hummie do use nitrile rubber for his hubs and these aren’t weak in any way.


Need. Progress. On. This.

I’m busy with other stuff in my life right now, but didn’t forget about this :smiley: trying to get prices from China for only metal part of replaceable PU sleeve for hub motor, so I could make whole rubber tire instead of PU on that metal part. But they reply slowly or ask for really high prices for metal only. I will update this thread when there will be something to update.

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