Gauging interest: 90mm to 110mm sleeve upgrade


I have opportunity to produce upgrade sleeves from 90mm to 110mm. They will be produced in one tire factory in EU from same hardness and tire material like real car tires. I could go with softer or harder material on those sleeves, but first I would like to try real car tire hardness. Sleeves will be „barrel like“, wider in the middle, 110mm on widest part.

Installation is very easy: just glue sleeves on 90mm hubs or 90mm polyurethane wheels and you are ready to go.

Price will be 30-40 euro for set of four tires.

Target market are normal, mostly non diy guys with chinesse hub boards. For them, going AT is not possible, but cheap, easy and effective upgrade like those sleeves could give them something between normal and off road board. Also, they should last much longer than thin polyurethane around hub motor.

In my opinion:

Positive sides of upgrade sleeves:

  • higher top speed (because of bigger diameter)

  • softer ride (especially with hub motors) – probably most important upgrade

  • tires should last much, much longer than thin polyurethane sleeves around hub motors

  • cracks on the road won’t be so noticeable

  • possible to install on cracked or worn off wheels or hubs

Negative sides:

  • more weight

  • less torque (I think it could be noticeable on chinesse boards with limited esc amps)

  • higher battery consumption (tire is softer than polyurethane, which means higher rolling resistance) -This is just my guess, will have to test to see how noticeable it will be

  • hub motors will heat more (this is also just a guess)

  • some decks will need higher risers

So tell me, what do you think about this idea?

  • I like this and I think it could be meaningful upgrade for chinesse hub motor boards
  • I think idea is stupid or unneeded

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I need your honest opinions and suggestions what could be different/better.


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well there are already some of these types flying around. But they produce alot of vibrations, probably because of the holes. But i still like your idea. Will the Glue be included?

yeah I know about these skullboard tires. now ownboard has them too. my tires will be from different material and without any holes and vibrations should not be problem. I think glue won’t be included because anyone has or can get super glue in any store.

you think they will stay on?

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Contact between sleeve and wheels is whole wheel surface + glue. Surface friction and glue should hold them in place. I won’t start selling those until they are tested and I’m 100% sure I won’t risk someones life.


i dont think regular superglue will hold under temps of a hub motor.

to give you an idea, loctite superglue has a flash point ranging from 80C - 93.4C

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It would be really cool if you could do this for HUMMIE HUBS :smiley:

@Tinp123 is there a way you could make an entire wheel instead of just a sleeve. Maybe with a abec/flywheel core so everyone can just slap there pulleys on it.

By reading up on the interwebs: Super glue doesn’t start to wear until above 100 degrees celsius

by reading up on the technical data sheet for loctite super glue which i specifically stated, again the flash point is 80C - 93.4C


I don’t recommend loctite for this.

There is always a solution (This might be a bit overkill)

that i dont think would work either, its more of a filler than a bonding agent… but normal JB weld (is overkill) and will work just fine lol


Yeah that might not work lol. Although it could. (I kind of want to test it now)

you can get 107mm flywheels, I don’t see need for whole new 110mm wheels. there are some people whose hubs last no more than 200km on really bad roads. I’m sure my sleeves could help them with that. and about glue, I will try first with superglue. I will measure temperatures on hubs, and see if there is need for stronger glue. 80-90C seems like really big temperature for motor. I will talk with guys in tire factory, I know they use glue in some cases.

hang on the plan is to super glue these on to the hubs? super glue? really?

I think your idea has merit, but I would be reluctant to buy cheap chinese hub motors so that I could avail myself of your product. That being said, i think you might find a market for it with existing owners looking to upgrade their urethane.

Yes, first I want to try with superglue. if it won’t work, I will try with something stronger. I believe sleeves could work even without glue (because of high friction between surfaces), but I won’t risk it. If you have any suggestion what to use instead of superglue, I’m ready to hear it. @baxter it would be stupid to buy chinese hubs just to use sleeves. sleeves are meant for people who already has them, or has old, chipped hubs and they would like to use them again. I see reddit is flooded with people who use chinese hubs, but I am asking this diy community because I know you will be harsh if you think this is stupid or won’t work. and that is exactly what I need, honest opinions

I’m actually surprised that nobody has already offered this before! If you can get your thane recipe, and molds right, I am sure there would be a market. Perhaps reddit or facebook or another non technical forum might be a better place to gauge if there is any interest. :slight_smile:

Another questions. How is balancing going to work and since everyone has different wear and tear, how are going to tackle that?

that is good question! inner diameter is 89mm instead of 90mm, but I could go smaller than 89mm later on. if wheels diameter is smaller than 89mm and it won’t hold sleeve one, thicker adhesive could work here. or I will have to make all sleeves 87mm or less. those will be harder to install on 90mm wheels, but since it is elastic rubber, it should be possible. for now I am just collecting opinions and interest in community, I will have to test those sleeves with different setups and wear and tear before selling them.

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