Gauging interest | Group buy | FLIER 120A 60V switch | Europe/Belgium

For some reason I can’t post in the group buy category so I’m placing it here.

I got a hold of what seems to be the original FLIER factory via alibaba. They are selling this switch for 35USD/piece with a MOQ of only 5 pieces. Shipping to me is pretty expensive (at 38USD) so it would only really make sense if I where to buy multiple sets.

Is anyone interested in a group buy? Realistically I can only ship to European countries to keep the 2nd shipping cost down. If your from Belgium you can come by for a pickup to! image

  • I’m interested in 1
  • I’m interested in 2
  • I’m interested in 3
  • I’m interested in 3+

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You can’t post in GB because your not level 3 member


You cant make a gb since your not a regular but you can buy as many as you like with your owm money and sell it

Tought that would be the case, well I can buy them in advance but it would be a little pointless if no one else had any interest in them.

Maybe change the title to something like “gauging interest”

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Will change the title.

Just got a very nice link from a switch by @Martinsp. No need to buy these anymore.