Gauging interest in a track day

There is totally a velodrome right down the hill from me (Marymoor park) - I’m planning to max out the freeride on it soon as it comes in :smiley: No idea if this will be cool or just make you dizzy going in circles.

I think the best we can do is an empty parking lot or tarmac and cones.

Surprisingly, I would think there would be more interest in a track day with a structured course with timing . Let’s face it, the ultimate test of your build and ability it to test it in a controlled environment against others with the same goals and mind set. We need to do this and beta test a race day. I am in for any help I can offer up. Maby a Saturday night think tank of like minded individuals is in order… SoCal

omg i would so love to do this.

Night time all mine!!


left turns, champaign, and women in bikinis.


I thought there would be a lot more interest in this as well. It’s still happening and I’m shooting for late August / early September. I hope it turns into a “If you build it, they will come.” kind of situation. I’m hoping this will turn into a international series with world rankings for riders and constructors.

Here is the location I’m working on securing and the proposed event layout.

@MoeStooge I would love your help. I know you have a lot of experience in racing, especially with Midget cars. I could use someone who knows how critically important safety is at the track to be the Safety Steward for the day.

I could also use some input on the rule book for the series, and the Tech Inspection checklist. Here is a link to the files if anyone wants to go over it.

Rule Book Tech Inspection Checklist

Also, here is the website, but nothing is really on it yet… EskatePRE - Electric Skateboard Performance Riding Events


Would like to see your plan come to fruition. Got to build numbers and interest first. My opinion would be to keep the rule book as thin as possible for as long as possible. I think this bolsters numbers and more importantly innovation. Safety should be Paramount. Hate to say it, it’s a lawyers world and it’s more about the promoter or club covering their ass then safety.

Count me in! :+1:

Awesome! :smile: At the moment I’m trying to get insurance coverage, but it’s been a struggle to even get a provider to consider it. The event will be a no go if I can’t get the insurance so things are kind of on hold until that happens. I’m still shooting for a late August date, but it may be pushed back depending on when things start falling into place.

Take a look at K&K insurance.

I did, they won’t touch it :disappointed:

Keep diggin, don’t want to go outlaw street racing however, it would not be the first time it’s been tried.:checkered_flag:

I know the perfect spot for a parking garage race like tokyo drift! spiral ramps and all! :sunglasses:

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I have always wanted to do a parking lot spiral the wrong way. That would be an excellent build proving ground. Pikes Peak for e-boarders.

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Yea its actually a double spiral one up and one down.

My single belt could only do 2 floors since it’s a hard left with some banked sections.

And rest of the huge lot had an easy/long way up and down too.

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. I wonder what the carvon racing league is using. Not much info on their league, it looks more like posturing then racing. However; the insurance may be applicable.

Thanks for the lead, I’ll contact this company today. The insurance requirement is per venue. All of the large open lots in Southern California require insurance policies with very high liability limits. Insurance companies are willing to quote the event at a lower liability limit, but not at what the venues are asking for. The go-kart track they are using may have a much lower insurance requirement, or none at all.

I contacted the company you posted. They can cover the event, but at a very high cost; more than the rental of the venue itself. I may have to eat the loss to get the series off the ground… I have two other brokers trying to search for competitive rates. Hopefully they can come up with something better.

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