Gauging interest in a track day

Hi! Would anyone be interested in participating in a track day on either a go-kart or autocross style course in the Southern California region? It would be nice to be able to push the limits of our boards in a controlled and relatively safe environment, rather than on public streets and trails.

There would be a registration fee to cover the costs of site rental and insurance. It would depend on the number of people interested, but expect to pay over $50.

It would be a time trial style event, with enough time between the release of riders to make sure people can safely stop if someone falls on track.

Participants would be split up into run groups and will have to work the course at least one time during the day (to help with start/finish, timing and scoring, corner workers, etc)

There are a lot of other rules and details to flush out in the name of safety and organization, but I wanted to see if there was any interest before getting too into it.


Sounds awesome! I’ve thought about this, but I’m not in Cali…Have fun and take some videos!

I would love to, only problem is logistics of getting my board down to cali. Wanted to do this for a long time but renting out a good go kart track is bloody expensive. CAll ahead and make sure their insurance will cover esk8s (there’s no way they even know what they are lol) when I called local tracks they seemed pretty wary of it. Let us know if it happens!!!

Awesome idea! I’m in Vegas and with the family I’m not sure if/when I’d be able to get out there. Where are you or the track located? Keep me update on your progress :slight_smile:

I’m in Orange County, but the place I was thinking of is the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana. I’ve set up a few autocrosses there in the past, so I’m familiar with the layout and what would be required. There is also CalSpeed Karting at the same location which could be another possibility. The old El Toro air field in Irvine could also work, but the last time I was there I remember loose rocks coming up from the runway which may be a safety issue.


Oh man, this sounds awesome! So these places are okay with eSk8ers? What did it take to set something up like this. Just seeing if it’d also be doable in Vegas.

I have no idea if they are okay with eSk8ers… :sweat_smile: The autocrosses I’ve set up were for cars. If we had the proper event insurance and paid the site rental fees I doubt they would care. And if we put on a safe event, and left the place cleaner than when we came, it would set a good precedent for hosting that kind of event again in the future.

Yes!!! When?!!!

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What about the new Porsche track in Carson? I have had many a fantasy passing there…

I was hoping to shoot for early May, but it really all depends on the level of interest… We would need enough people to go, not only to spread out the cost for the event, but also to work all the positions necessary to make the event run. Over 50 could work, but closer to 100 would be better. We would also need some people to step up and assume some leadership roles like safety steward, registration, tech inspection, etc.

Yeah, the Porsche track is beautiful. I’m open to anywhere really as long as the rates are reasonable, although I do think a tighter course would be better suited for an eskate.

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I’m going to post this up on my face book page, and the electric skateboard page.

You should draft the sign up sheet. Hopefully your crowd will gather. I know 10 people that will be there.

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Awesome thanks! This is pretty exciting, I’m glad people are interested :grinning:

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Seems like an interest. I’m 50% on this. What if you can find a place like a velodrome.

As far as I know there are only 2 velodromes in Ca. I’d still be down, but a track would be more fun and not so Nascar haha

What about a big bmx track or Pump course?

@DynamicLabs I can’t attend but I would happily watch a livestream or video!

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I was thinking more of a road course with different elements like hairpins, straights, chicanes and slaloms…

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i’m not sure a car track would work at 20-30 mph…

But I have been dreaming of a road version of this track!

or this one, but bigger

The labor and money involved to build something like that would be too ridiculous without a sponsor like redbull to fund it…

It would be about a size of a go-kart track, with one or two straights where you could top out. The rest of the course would be tight and technical and really force you to work on throttle and board control. A course made of cones or lane markers would be best; that way if someone wasn’t going to make a turn they wouldn’t have to bail, they could just run off course, slow down, and re-enter. It will be an event where the risk of injury is minimized so people can really focus in on honing their skills.

Think autocross or motogymkhana.