Gear best shopping spree

ok so if you had a unlimited budget or gear best was giving you your next order for free, what would you buy? im not saying that i have tons or money or gear best loves me and wants to give me free stuff, but what if. what would you buy? try and keep it esk8 related and send links. thanks for the help guys.

I got 3 floureon batteries from there recently, would have saved me $100 bucks. But a lot of stuff on that site are clones. Haven’t done much window shopping on that site anyways.

Either the 5065 Racerstar motors or an Anet A8 3d printer kit

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Sorry to resurrect an old thread… but I’m trying to get some information on the racerstar motors? I’ve got a couple (200kv) on a slow boat from china but Maytech need details of the motors to set up the dual esc they’re sending me. Would anyone be able to help me?

What details do they need? Most of the details for the VESC will be to do with your battery, and you’ll have to do a motor detection which figures most of it out for you.

Maytechs new dual esc isn’t a vesc. It wasn’t really clear when I put the money down on it but it seems that once set by the factory that is that… They want to know the poles, the wire thickness and internal resistance?

Hello friends. I have a good opportunity to always post new coupons for discounts and promotions in the gearbest store. they can be viewed in or

Nothing Gearbest sucks hard, they are the worst and god their support is awfull Shipping time this year takes a month from a usual week Even if you pay the “fast delivery option” and they wont refund it if it took more than they said like 3weeks more

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