Gear system is not working with the new stormeskate rubber wheels

Hi guys

Just got some fat rubber tyre from Stormeskate and all fitted in except for the gears section. Mine is a DIY build from DIY Electric skateboard. Looks like I have to machine new ones or anyone has any fabulous ideas. I tried using without belt. Traction drive is not really working at the moment. The gear system is too big with the fat wheels taking all the space. Urgent help needed

??? Pics, I don’t get what you are saying

No pics, didn’t happend :sweat_smile:

I will post tonight. It was doing well with enertion skate wheels.



Well that’s certainly interesting.

Where did the idea for traction drive come from? Is it in the packaging?

You need a pulley, is the wheel the right way around? It’s offset so you need to mount the shallow side inwards. And you need a longer mount to get a belt on there.

Unless traction mounting is something I don’t know about and it works?

his mount looks welded. This is the first time i see a traction drive on a skateboard.

Nah was only told the tyre would fit the longboard. Well it didn’t. I tried all means till coming up with this rugged design. Will try again with a right size rubber wheel. That is just double sided tape rolled over and over.

Yes it is welded. Got it from DIY ESk8. It actually worked good with enertion wheels till I switched to this

If you want to use these wheels, get new hanger, new mount, pulleys, belt. Wheel pulley need is kegel core

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I wouldn’t try to use friction drive. It will be rather inefficient and slip a lot. This is why you should check the compatibility of parts before buying them

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You have links? I have to do a another build with new trucks and gear pulley system

What’s your budget for the drive train? What motor you have?

Torqueboard motor 190kv budget @150

image should this work

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Yes but you need a motor mount

Lol forgot that part. Any that is good to try Pulley should fit your wheels but I don’t have experience with them

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If you can. Wait till Friday. Most esk8 shops are having sales.