Gear will not stay on motor

Torque boards kegel 16T/36T small gear will not stay no my 192kv sk3 turnigy motor I have tried blue lock tight and then red and neither of them worked after a ride of 15-20 min the gear will come lose which makes the motor not spin the wheel. The hex screws are starting to strip and I do not want to cause any more damage any solutions.

Yup! happens to everybody that hasn’t put a flatspot or keyway into their motor shaft.

So what do you suggest.

flat spot and grub screw or have a keyway cut. and this stuff

Green Loctide :stuck_out_tongue: (No really! @elkick sent me some with an order and it still holds up)

Or this

Thank you for the help I will try both

High Tolerences help also ,… i once bought a Motor gear but it’s bore hole measured over 8.1mm and returned it, some companies have High standard Tolerances and thus a much more precise fit

For recommendation. Use blue Loctite and give it a few hours for the stuff to setup. I’d give it a day for it to cure. Green is not okay to long use. Blue is fine, but red will take the most to remove.

638 isn’t “green loctite” it’s a pulley retaining compound.


Had the same problem, made a flatspot and grub screw, never had the problem since.