Gearing ratio for torque!

Hi guys, I was wondering if a 16/48T gearing ratio with a 270kv 5055 motor (Dual 1400 watt total 2800), 83mm wheels, and 10s setup would get me the torque I need?

I come from an evolve so I am more inclined towards having power than speed. Is this enough torque or should i change it?

Edit: A little vague on amount of torque I need. What i meant was if this setup would carry me (85-90 kg) up 20%+ hills? And how would it compare to other production boards

Your about the same weight as me. I have a build with dual 190kv 6355’s 4800 watts total 10s 60C Lipos 15/40 gears 90mm wheels I can go up 20% grade but it’s a strain.

270kv 5055’s are not gonna cut it for you climbing steeps hills.

And if your using Vesc’s, 270kv is way over the erpm limit with 10s

If your wanting more power than speed, get larger motors with lower kv

6355 190kv or 6374 190kv

The larger motors yield more torque.

Higher KV = more speed Lower KV = more torque

The motor mounts I am using can only handle 50xx motors. How do i gear the current set up for more torque? I am using a custom esc not vesc. Might upgrade to vescs in the future though

Edit: I don’t think I will be getting new motors as everything came in a kit. Kind of a waste to swap out everything :frowning:

These are 40T pulleys on 90mm wheels. As you can see there is not a lot of clearance between the ground and the belts.

83mm wheels are gonna be 1/4" smaller dia than these. So take off 1/8" all around and then put a bigger 48T pulley on. I think that with 83mm wheels and 48T pulleys, your belts will be hitting every little rock on the road. So that is probably not an option.

The problem is that your trying to build a board that can take a 90kg rider up 20% grades and that is a tall order! If you where 60kg riding on flat ground only then I think you could make it work.

Is there any way that you could return the parts you already purchased?

I don’t think so…

I don’t really need that kind of power as i live in a city with little to no hills, I am only trying to estimate the amount of torque I would have (compared to my gt) as I haven’t finished the build yet. I am just addicted to torque =P

I could always upgrade the gearing and motors in the future though. Best part about DIY

This is the motor and motor mount i got. I think its using 3m belts (Looks like yours is 5m) Maybe thats the difference? The clearance looks to be about the same

Edit: Saw the belts not are not 3m my bad, The specs in the store was 3m though.

those are not 48t pulleys. Maybe 32T or 36T

This is your statement that my advice was based on.

Yeah, I just wanted to get some form of estimate of torque

Are you sure? The site stated 16:48 gear ratio. I’ll have to confirm with the owner

Those are 100% not 48t on the wheel. From looking at the wheels and comparing the pulley size, I’d say 32T

You guys are right. CS confirmed its 12:36 gear

Get a 14t motor pulley or two from collections/motor-pulleys

Wouldn’t that decrease torque?

Nope…Reducing the motor pulley size will reduce your top speed, but give you more torque. Do you have a good ESK8 calculator in your bookmarks yet? Here’s a good one. :slight_smile:{“batt-type-lipo”:1,“batt-cells”:10,“motor-kv”:190,“system-efficiency”:85,“motor-pulley-teeth”:0,“wheel-pulley-teeth”:36,“wheel-size”:90}|

My motor pulley size is 12, not 16 (Just confirmed with the store). So 14 would be an increase?

Don’t go 14 unless you want to reduce your torque. I don’t think @Ulfberht read your latest post.

I’d honestly leave your ratios where they are. Going to a 40T on your wheel is only going to have negative impact. You will gain a bit of torque, but what will start to happen is (1) you’ll run a higher risk of stuff hitting your belts and (2) you’ll start having potential belt slippage unless you want to use an idler or run extremely tight belt, which has its own downsides.

Oops! :nerd:

I think it should have enough torque. I run a single motor (190kv) with a 2:1 gear ratio and I can go up very steep hills. I can go up my driveway from a stop and my drive way is pretty steep


Do you think 2.32:1 gear ratio with larger 190kv motor and 83mm wheels can still have a boostedboard’ish torque (75kg no hills)? I dont need to go faster than 35km/h, but I want a decent punch!