General chat is broken!

we hit the comment limit, can we make a new one?

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we didn’t as far as I know of…

Ahhhh ok not the category but the actual general discussion. My apologies, I simply misunderstood what you meant

@onloop not sure if anyone has alerted you, but this may be an issue for discourse to solve.

So annoying. That plugin so buggy still. But yeah this could be a limitation of the api for plugins too.

bump bump bump bump… dkdsjlf

@onloop it’s still broken! lots of people use the chat so it’d be great to get it working again.

We broke it again can someone get an adult?


It looks like this is going to be reoccurring everytime we hit 10,000 replies.

Good thing it broke…cause now I know there’s a chat LMAO

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This is gonna be a recurring thing, isn’t it? I wonder if we can increase that cap to, like, 10M replies or something?

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@onloop :triumph:


Bump just in case @onloop somehow missed this thread and the notification.


Muuuuuuuuum the nasty man hasn’t fixed our chat yet! :’(

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fixed chat…


Thanks @onloop :pray:

Thanks man! :tada:

Broken again lol

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Uh oh

plz @onloop

we done broked it