General electronic connections help and advice for my build

Hi, this is my first build, and I have some questions about how to connect all the different parts together. Here’s the list of my main parts:




My first question is do these parts make sense to use together? Is a part overpowered or underpowered?

Next, I need some advice on how to connect the battery and BMS. The battery has an XT connector which looks like it could go directly to the ESC, but I feel like it should go through the BMS first? What are the two smaller leads coming off the battery? Are they the wires that go to the BMS, while the XT connector goes to the ESC directly?

I found this wiring online that looks like what I would need. Does this look right?

That’s not quite the correct wiring but it’s a good start.

Really, that ESC is a turd though. I would address that FIRST.

Get a Z.Mote and some other ESC.

Do a lot more research before you buy anything.

What makes the ESC I picked bad? What should I look for in a good ESC?

So I’ve come up with this wiring diagram which bypasses the BMS during discharge to the ESC. I’m basically using the BMS P- port as a C- port. How does it look?

You need to fuse the charge port. Also realize this will permanently kill your battery if you accidentally leave it on. And consider a better remote and ESC, those are not good.