General new build questions

Hi everyone! Looking forward to my first ever build. Been riding since 2016 when I got my first electric skateboard, an Evolve Bamboo GTX. I then switched it up to a Backfire G3 Plus and then a Backfire Zealot. I just purchased a Kaly XL40 this year, but still can’t get enough. I want to build a street board and got a few questions regarding the build. Current parts list:

  • Landyachtz Evo Spectrum 40" deck
  • @Eboosted SS enclosure
  • @3DServisas Fatboy mini urethane V5 straight gear drives 240mm with both Kegel and Abec adapters
  • @Boardnamics adjustable base plates
  • 2x Flispky 6374 motor 3500w
  • Lacroix Stormcore 60D VESC
  • Flispky VX2 remote
  • Various fasteners from Aliexpress
  • @torqueboards 110mm arctic blue wheels
  • Cloudwheels 120mm orange wheels
  • 12s4p Molicel P42A battery from @BOUNDMOTOR with charge port and charger

Problem is, the Boundmotor battery does not fit the enclosure, so I plan on keeping it for another build and wanted to build my own from scratch using the same kind of cells (Molicel 21700 P42As) in a 12s4p configuration. I plan on following the schematic from the @Eboosted LY Evo SS enclosure listing and using the same 12S BMS from his site.

First question is, would all the electronic components I have work with each other, or is something off?

Second question is regarding the battery build. I’ll be using the duck battery systems pure nickel 21700 4P P-group tabs. What size wire do i use to connect between the positive and negative ends and how many for each? (I see @Eboosted using 3 per group). And what size wire do I need for the positive and negative leads that will plug into the ESC? How would I wire the BMS for charge only?

Third question is regarding the switch. I know the Stormcore 60D has a switch already, but do I need to install an anti-spark switch and wire it into the BMS? I keep seeing that word pop up while researching battery builds.

I’ll ask more questions as I get further into the build as I have not started yet. Still waiting for cells and need to purchase a spot welder capable of the 0.2mm thick nickel tabs (either Kweld or Maletronics). Thank you so much!

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Using xt90s is the safest way to prevent damage. Wire your BMS as charge only. Everything else you have looks good.

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