Generative design and skate

Generative design is a thing.

Left side: 100% human design. Right side: 100% machine design. Compromise in the middle - and it uses less material, is stronger, and performs better than anything before it.

Machine learning is when a computer learns through its own experiences. In generative design, sensors are attached to a physical old-school design and that telemetry is used to figure out the “best” design, for us - the lightest, strongest, etc.

Anyway, it’s starting in skate, check it out:

The top graphic when dude printed his skateboard? That was three years ago:

I wonder what you guys would design if you had cost-recovery access to a Formlabs Fuse 1 in mid August / September…


Interesting idea. Would love to see more “real world” models made this way

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It’s hurrying! I flew to Barcelona from NYC this morning on a plane that features generative design panels that save weight and fuel.

Simply put, to build the lightest, strongest and fastest esk8 available we will use generative design and additive manufacturing. It’s just a matter of when.

How we build esk8 today is no better than how my father tuned his Shelbys in the 1960s and 70s.

I think this technology will help us all. Here it is developing the ultimate quad copter frame:

Thousands of iterations take just a few seconds to determine which is “best” for manufacture.

In the meantime, SLS nylon enclosures and riser pads (with generatively-designed innards) could be the first step that we all see this year :slight_smile:

Video works now :slight_smile:

I’ve ordered the Formlabs SLS printer; should be Q4.


Where is your printer?

I’ve also watched that video about longboard trucks

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FormLabs has mastered selling us upgrades before delivering the printers and we’re all still thrilled lol

hopefully “for sure” January

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What printer is it and what will you be working on?

stoked to print enclosures that only cost hundreds of dollars each :wink:


Only have to print 100 enclosures to make your money back!

Looks great, hope you make some good stuff


“Mike’s Esk8, you build it, I’ll skate it”, 200$ for a days use of these educated feets: image

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Confused but ok