Generic Ebay dual drive esc controller

HI guys is it possible to permanently set speed to generic ebay dual controller. I know i can change speed on remote (low, medium, high) but i would like to know if its possible to set it so user cant change it for rent a skate type of scenario


Yes. It is possible with a vesc. Just change the maxium duty cycle setting in vesc tool for the esc program.

Example from B264 (still love the guy)

Full speed:

Maximum Duty Cycle 95% Duty Cycle Current Limit Start 85%

Half speed:

Maximum Duty Cycle 50% Duty Cycle Current Limit Start 45%

Low speed:

Maximum Duty Cycle 25% Duty Cycle Current Limit Start 22%

So that way no matter if you change the speed settings via remote, it’ll stay locked to that adjusted speed.

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thank bro for replay but u didnt read question. i am talking about generic ebay dual controller (35 40 bucks) not vesc .

this one

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If you’re using those, no. They are pre-set by the makers. I was thinking that you wouldn’t stick with those. My apologies.

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yeah on my skate i have dual vesc setup but this one is for rent a eskate and the guy (owner) is asking if its possible to permanently restrict speed. and his eskates have this type of esc


Unfortunately many lingyi escs are not reprogrammable. Hope this helps.

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yup, thanks


Do u know by any chance what does the button do?

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I’m not actually sure what that is exactly.

Its also on my old one as well.

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yeah that one, its on the same spot. i was looking at some aliexpress, ebay, alibaba listings. it just says ‘Code Button’ without any explanation what it does.

I am guessing u have remote that came with controller. Do u know what speed selection button does. Does it limit speed or acceleration

Yeah I wouldn’t mess with that if there’s very little info

About that…

If it works similarly, speed selection limits pwm value, making the board move slow/med/fast depending (mainly both speed and acceleration on my board). This remote may not be exactly the same as that so my suggestion would be to test it out. I would not recommend it if the esc works as intended. They just need to not change the speed setting.

yeah that one is fancy, i have generic no display one hahahaha. What if i glue speed select button. I will not mess with the board its not wort it.

Hey if that works, it works. I would just let the owner know it’s better to tell the people how to change speed so that people can safely ride with ease.

Hahaha nope that doesn’t work. He told them but every single time they ride on max and hurt them selves.

Anyway thank you for help

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