Generical Dual Hub Controller with remote

All parts never used:


Enerton Remote - SOLD

Dual Hub Controller (with remote) - SOLD (example link of product below, that’s not me selling it)

PM sent. 10 char

I’ll buy the vesc

Sorry VESC is sold

Is the Enertion remote still available and are you located in the USA?

Sorry Remote is sold

The eBay listing mentions the esc is available in 6s, 7s and 10s configs; can you tell me which one yours is?

Let me check on that for you.

Ok it looks like this board is setup for an S6, and while the ebay listing says you can’t change voltage after the fact, it does provide you with instructions on what places to arc and not to arc. So if you know how to solder you can configure this yourself, if not I can set it up for whatever voltage you would like.

What I can’t change is the ESC curve is setup for hub motors, which means it won’t work well or at all with the outboard brushless type. So let me know if this still works for you and if you want me to configure it for you.