Genuine question: Why do people buy the following products?

Trampa decks for urban stuff. they have less flex, limited enclosure options, no concave (Personally the killer for me), limited truck options (No surfrodz? unless you can. From what i’ve seen, the holes won’t line up unless you drill your own) and they are very expensive. From personal use, I’ve always preferred a landy evo, switchblade or other options with nice concave or a vanguard for flex and comfort.

Why do people buy gummies? Don’t they effectively make your wheels much harder, because its a thin layer of PU, like a hub motor? Wouldn’t 6" tires or 107mm flywheels make for the better of what you’re getting with the gummies, that being range or comfort? Just not sure why they’d be worth over 200$ for a set.

I don’t mean to bash anyone who has these, they are certainly nice products, I personally just don’t see the value in them compared to other options and was wondering why they were so widely used (especially trampa decks)


The main selling point of the trampa deck is the cool look and flex. As for the gummies they are 125mm so they don’t need as much urethane to feel comfortable.

This is just how I see it, I don’t actually have either of these as they are well above my price range


There are enough enclosure options and the decks have more than enough flex depending on the ply you choose.

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Someone described riding on urethane…like wearing cement shoes.

Once you get over the initial look of AT compared to hot wheels look thane

There’s no going back for me six shooters…some flex deck…Surf Rodz…sound familiar…lol

Popcorn please :sunglasses:



Here you go, you answered the question in your initial paragraph.


Right but that dosent mean i cant want to understand why the other options are so popular

Edit its like not liking chocolate, then seeing everybody else eating it and asking “Why do you like chocolate” and then getting the answer “You dont like it and we do”

Also the gummies have way more urethane than it looks, haven’t ridden mine yet so can’t comment on the smoothness

i don´t see so much builds with an urban carve and gummies. I think way much more are made out of HS11/holy pro decks and pneumatic wheels. most people who want to carve will not go for a trampa. if you have rough roads and consider to swap between gummies and pneumatics it´s more an option… but as everything in live it´s just personal preference… there people who like how it looks or like the fact that it will never break (unless you are @rich) … and other even don´t want to open therer side…

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Please see this my friend:

You’ll see both TRAMPA decks, cambered (CARVER) and straight (ORRSUM) at 1:52


The ORRSUM features an entirely new deck and the 10FIFTY production CNC precision truck designed for the purpose of urban ESK8 on pneumatics - 10FIFTYs are 10.5", solid CNC trucks.

In regards to Gummies, we all immediately recognize “hub motor board feel” when we see it. Thin urethane around a wheel is not that different from thin urethane around a hub, right. We know more core = less feel.

Gummies are an option for TRAMPA pneumatic customers to try urethane but still maintain their relative ride height on concrete. I bought some from Francisco, they’re OK.

I’ll order an Orrsum so we can have one on the map in California.

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Can’t stand the mountainboard Trampa deck either. Such a weird posture and not much flex. Gummies are way overpriced, hell they would cost me approx $390 AUD not even shipped. And then, they slip and deform at high speeds and acceleration. No thanks. Better off with some Abec 107s or Boa Constrictors.


Exactly my opinion. I still don’t know why people get the decks but this explanation of gummies I guess made me see why people TRY them “Gummies are an option for TRAMPA pneumatic customers to try urethane but still maintain their relative ride height on concrete.”

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Gummies are sexy.

If you had not experienced, then I see why it might be hard to understand. That’s okay!

Like ever business, as the esk8 industry matures, the best products will stand out and prices will drop as more competitors enter the market. Maybe in 2040, gummies will be less expensive.


I’m really like the feel of my trampa mountainboard deck. I had a carver and I chose a deck that was too stiff, it ended up being uncomfortable as I had the ‘cowboy’ stance thing as a result of the too high ply count. With my current deck I’ve got it perfect and the deck is flat when I’m on it, very comfortable for many miles. But yeah, personal preference and use case.


Yea i love the fact you can get custom rims and gummies, black rims red spokes and gummies looks sweet af. I think trampa decks are ugly though (kaly logo in the middle actually looks really nice though) so I wouldn’t get all trampa for looks. The best looking board I have ever seen was a landy evo falcon with black wheels and red wires, the curves on that deck are just so aggressive its like the lambo of esk8


The evo falcon is legit.

Trampa mountain/kite boards maybe ugly to some but they meant to get abused. Battery under trampa is custom for street and some low level all terrain. Battery on top is where you can abuse.

If you think trampa mountain board is not sexy then look to MBS mountain board. I have seen fewer electric MBS mountainboard than trampa. In another post, they said it was first mover advantage. It depends what you want to do, then find best tools.

If you want to look sexy but lose some of the urethane, gummies did that for me.

I hope to see more mountainboard decks come out. Especially right next to me so I don’t need to ship it.:joy:


Oh yea for eMtb realistically if you’re actually going offroad trampa is the best option, thats why I was confused why people were putting street components on them



ones i’ve tried were hard as a rock.


For some it seems to be too much flex…

Just depends how much ply you bought and how heavy you are. For sure with 60kg and a 17ply you will not have a flex at all.

There is really no explanation for this but it’s all personal preference. People are weird in their own weird ways.

As for the trampa deck and it’s flex, if it doesn’t flex for you then you have a deck that’s too thick, or if you tried someone else’s trampa and didn’t like it, it’s probably because they didn’t build it for you and they built it just the way they like it. And this goes for all the decks and wheels. That’s the beauty of DIY, you can do it the way you like it. Trying to understand why other people do things a certain way or like certain things is… Well, keep trying. I won’t.