[Germany] WTS | Carvon v4 Speed Drives €400 | Ruroc helmet €150 | Lazy Rolling Armoured Hoodie €140

Eskates still not legal in Germany and I don’t want to push my luck being a foreigner. Moving on to bigger, faster, 2 wheel, legal modes of transportation.

Almost everything is brand new and never used since I never got around to finishing a build, has been siting in my storage room taking space.
Questions or offers, please ask or PM. Everything is located in Germany.

Carvon V4 Speeddrives - €400

Got these second hand so has some scratches and signs of use. Only thing that is used out of everything. Phase wire connectors have been removed but never got around to putting the new ones on for the unity.

CarvonV4SD CarvonV4SD2

Ruroc RG1-DX Onyx - size M/L - €150

Brand new. Comes in box, with protective helmet bag, goggle bag etc. Has been sitting on my shelf looking cool, so a little dusty.

RurocFront%20 RurocSide

LazyRolling Armored Hoodie in Grey- Size Large - €140

Brand new, comes with the 2 shoulder, 2 elbow and back pads.

Photos coming soon, if i remember…

Hoodie%20Front Hoodie%20Back

HAYA Intergrated Deck - Sold
  • €180
    Brand new, still in the original box.

HAYA%20box HAYA%20wrapped HAYA%20top%20closed HAYA%20bottom

HAYA%20open HAYA%20open%202 HAYA%20open%203

Focbox Unity - €300 - Sold

Brand new


Nano-X remote - €30 - Sold

Brand new. Comes with charging cable, forgot to put it in the photo.


DieBieMS - €120 - Sold

Brand new


LazyRolling 97mm Glow wheels - €60 - Sold

Brand new

GlowNormal GlowGlowing

10s4p Samsung 30Q battery with Bestech HCX-D223V1 BMS - €200 - Sold

Has never been inside a board. Started it before selling my old board and buying the HAYA deck that it does not fit inside of. Battery is spot welded with 12mmx0.2mm 99% pure nickel.
Is built with fish paper rings around positive and negative terminal, fish paper between each parallel group, kapton tape, no overlapping balance wires.
wrapped in non conductive foam and shrink wrapped. Will also throw in a free charger.


ABEC11 97mm Refly - €90 - Sold

Brand new


Metr Pro - €50 - Sold

Brand new


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I want that Haya deck and maybe some other parts :slight_smile:

Let me know what your after and I can get everything set aside for you.

The metr pro us with the external small antenna?

EDIT : Might be interested in the charger depending on its capabilitys (willing to pay ofc)

Hehe, I am 100% sure that I want the HAYA Deck.

Only thinking about the direct drive :sweat_smile: I have Bergmeister wheels + pulleys, Tb trucks and 6374 motors laying around.

The antenna were purchased extra and not with the metr pro. you must move a resistor on the pcb if you want to use an external antenna over the internal one. They are being included free with the metr pro.

OK ill hold the deck.

That all sounds like easy gear to sell if you were to upgrade to a direct drive. Just saying :sweat_smile:

Ah good, i was either way just looking for the internal Antenna Version. Prices are incl. or excl. shipping?

And how about the charger i mentioned above?

Everything is excl. shipping since the price varies so much for different locations in Europe.
Charger is currently only included as an extra with the battery.

Alrighty. Can you tell me what charger it is? I’m currently looking for one (3-4A) so maybe i’ll find it somewhere

Just checked it. Is only 2A generic once from amazon that I got months ago.

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ill take the metr pro tell me where money sent


Haha I know. It is just a difficult choice. What kv are those drives?

Why are you pricing the Unity 40 Euros more than the brand new price?

Will send info when I get home.


import duty and Vat, on top of enertion delay tax. The unity is actually underpriced once duties and VAT is added.

Sick story mate, why don’t you buy another one! Or are you not interested at all and only here to talk shit?

Same price that I’ve already sold 3 of them for with no issue.

Lol, just added vat is more than the 300€ he wants, taxes not included.

That assumes you get VAT (duties) added. I didn’t and a lot of other people didn’t. Whatever mate. Crack on.

Yea and a lot of people do pay Vat. So why should I sell for less than what it cost just because some kid on the Internet has no idea how importing stuff works. And that’s not including that I have the unity ready to ship now, more than what enertion can say. Now go play outside in the sun with the rest of the kids and enjoy the weekend before school starts again.

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Unity still here ? @Moros

If the Unity is still avaiable i am taking it