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Get a new charger

Currently i only have a 50W charger. I’m looking for a larger one. I found these 2 (I’m located in europe)

Right now i run on 6S… The 150W can charge up to 8S and the 400W up to 6S. What would be the best option. If i would upgrade to 8S i could charge in parallel with the 400W but without anything more on the 150W…

Don’t waste your money. Those tend to fail at a much higher rate than an iCharger.

iCharger 208B ($120) and a HK 350W ($40) or HK 550W Power Supply (if you want to upgrade later).

I know it’s a bit more expensive but if you calculate what you’ve spent on your 50w setup and the setup you are trying to get… Your pretty much close to the ICharger 208B, 350W. The two are quality products and I’ve been using them for well over 3 years now.

What about this supply?

You could… Might need to modify it but that looks a lot bigger than the HK 350A which is only $20 more.