GET PAID $15 | Help promote the NEW IMPROVED: VESC-X

If you would like to help us spread the word about the NEW: VESC-X we will pay you a comission of $15AUD for each successful referral.

ALSO, you can share a special discount code with your friends so they save $15 off the normal VESC-X price too. WIN-WIN


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How much for a video?

We are not paying for content creation at this stage, however as a affiliate looking to promote products and earn cash it is a very good idea to create a user freindly page, with quality content that helps explain/showcase the products that you are promoting. This will lead to more referals converting to sales.

I’ll do it for free!

… a free sample at least :wink:


What does the case do? How well do you think it would do duct taped to a stiff deck? Maybe fill the case with rubber. Looks like a good mold.

The heat sink looks great.

One of the best ways to spread news these days is via facebook! When you become an Enertion Affiliate you can quickly & easily share your affiliate links on facebook so your friends can see what you are recommending.

Use these buttons in the dashboard to quickly share your links on various social media platforms:

This is what a post will look like if you share it onto your facebook page using the “facebook” sharing button above.

Of course, you can use your URL affiliate link in any text you write anywhere online!

Great to see plenty of affiliates signing up! First batch commissions will be paid in 90 days into your PayPal accounts. Thanks for helping us promote our recent innovations!

ALSO NOTE: there will be some more new & very exciting products you can help us promote in the near future.

Hello to all the affiliates that have registered so far, can you please help me check out that the system is tracking your links properly. I just had to make some changes with the analytics codes & I have already done a test order to ensure the purchases are being tracked correctly, which they are!

Now just want to make everyone’s social share shortcuts are also working properly.

Specifically, i want to see if the twitter account & facebook sharing is working properly as I have used a custom URL

Please go to your Dashboard & share some stuff.


QUICK UPDATE, everything is working well, purchases are being tracked!


In just a few short days, so far a total of $255 worth of commission has been generated!

Did you get some?

Some hot tips about sharing news

  1. Post about it on social media
  2. Write articles and submit to online forums
  3. Create youtube videos sharing your thoughts

If you need some material to help you create content please refer to the >official launch thread< there are plenty of photos and snippets of info that you can re-spin for your own articles.

Plus there are also some early build threads that can be discussed.

When the VESC-X can do 100Amp Continuous Current, I’ll order one.

why would you want to do that?

What say you to a 5Kw motor for a go cart. The VESC has great potential. Vedders work was easy to expand and modify. VESC X is an improvement, but I was hoping for an improvement in terms of motor support.

Ya feel me?

Maybe an ESC for a motor bike might be a better choice?

100A continuous is a heap of power

Yeah, Imagine the traces.

@onloop I tried inputting the code WIN-WIN on a vesc-x order to test it out but it says that it can’t be applied to the order. I don’t want to spread the word until I know how to give people a discount.

i dont think WIN-WIN is the code.

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so what is the special discount code to share with friends that you mentioned at the end of the first post?

I have templates already saved into the affiliate system that have the codes written, each time you share your link the discount code is also there.

can you access the affiliate dashboard?