Getting a proper enclosure

Hello everyone, I didn’t know where to post this, so I just went for general discussion. So I built my board around a year ago and I was using a lunch box screwed to the board just to keep all the electronics with the board, it was supposed to be a temporary solution but I never actually replaced it. Other than the fact that it looks really bad, it’s not comfortable to use or made of a strong material and needs to be replaced.

I just ordered a BMS, button, and a battery meter so ill need to put holes for all those. The reason I made this post is that I don’t know how would one go about making an enclosure, I have access to a 3D printer and thought it might be a good solution, are there any existing “presets” for an enclosure model? what program can I use to make a model myself?

One last thing to take into consideration, my board is pretty small and there less than 30 cm between the motor and the front truck. If anyone is able to make a custom enclosure for my needs, I will be more than happy to discuss a price. Thanks!

They have a 250mm and a 200mm one.

Unfortunately not too many small enclosures available, I’ve also looked for some and these are the only ones I found under 300mm.

The 200 can work for me, its 250 external length and 200 internal, the material seems cheap though, have you purchased anything from them?

I don’t have first hand experience with their enclosures but I did buy motors and other bits and it’s a solid company with great customer support.

They use bigger versions of these enclosures for their completes so I think they are solid.

@bigben might also have some small enclosure as well.


Alright, I’ll look around some more, message this guy, thanks

Are you US or EU based?

EU, I’m from Israel so US shipping is pretty expensive, while EU is mostly fine

Have a look at the photos here if anything suits. Number 3 or 6 might be of use?

Both 3 and 5 look good, would they both fit in 28-29 cm? in the post you put the internal length but not the external, just want to make sure it fits Edit: So I need to fit in two of these 3s 8000mAh lipos:

A vesc, a small bms, and the receiver for the controller, now for the things I need accessible, there’s a button, a small charging port, and a battery meter, if you need exact measurements I can look those up, just let me know. 2nd edit: So the measurements I need are 260mm length, 170mm width, and around 60-70mm height, does that make sense?

I’ll take a good look in the morning. I’ve got a bit of a transition going on, moving house and setting up a bit of a workshop. What sort of vesc? The form can differ quite a bit. I didn’t catch what size wheels you had either, do you think clearances will be an issue?

Didn’t think of that, the wheels are pretty big, 90mm, that might be an issue. I’ll check how the wheels can move back to see if they interrupt. The vesc is the long and thin type, not sure about the measurements as I didn’t receive it yet, i can check them though

edit: The clearence is really tight, might be a problem.

So I measured some more, I think the best way to go about it is to make it long and thin,(these are internal measurements) 220mm length, 140mm width, and 55mm height. should be clear from the wheels and has exactly enough width for both batteries.

Daft question but is this the setup you’re already running? For instance if you’re running a vesc have you thought of 2x5s for s 10s system? Is your motor already a high kv motor?

I was using a basic build with a race car ESC and the two 3s’s in series, now I’m upgrading to a vesc, a new board that is in the pictures I sent, and a bms to charge easily. everything is on its way so this isnt the build I was using before. my motor has pretty high kv:

I’m fine with the current speed of the board as I ride it in a crowded city and I can barely get over 20kmh without it being pretty dangerous to me or other people, and anyway, I don’t have the extra money right now to buy new batteries, the upgrade cost like 300$.

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