Getting the deck profile tips (plz)

I’m designing/printing an enclosure for my SPUD. I need to get a reasonable cross-section/profile of my deck.

I have held a ruler across the deck and tried measuring the distance down to the deck but it’s difficult, and requires about 2 more hands than I own, so are there any good tricks anyone can recommend?

I also tried taking a picture of the deck with a ruler lying across the top and importing into Fusion 360, but I think the barrel distortion (and my shaking hands) might make it inaccurate.

Gotta be some tricks that you guys have (or a 3D CAD file for the Jet Spud?).


Calling @drangboards Jared help out this young padawan.

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Dude go have it 3D scanned maybe? There is a place by my which has a 50 dollar per hour rate. Or do this. Sand it smooth or cover it with a single sheet of wide tape. Measure it after marking off center and measuring in increments of whatever you see to be the distance between any considerable changes in the rate of progression of the features in both x and y (mapping z) and putting that in cad.


FWIW I designed/printed something that sat across the profile of the board (blue bit), had holes in it (light-blue lines) and I used digital calipers (through the holes) to measure the height at different points along the board.

Worked well.


Great idea. I guess you could have maybe used one of those bendy maths rulers, not sure of the correct term. For more accuracy there is also a woodworking profile tool, kind of like one of those pin face toys, only 2D, but I think you made your own version.

Bamboo skewers vertically between two long thin boards. Clamp it tight enough that you can slide the skewers but they won’t fall on their own. Woodworking trick I use

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Agreed @Jumpman, agreed @venom121212. Using the sharp pointy thing (needs a name) is ideal.


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