Gita, a autonomous carrying robot following you

Hey Guys, I just found this on YouTube, and I thougt it was quite interesting. It follows you around with a max speed of 22 miles per hour (35 km/h) and can carry up to 40 lbs (18 kg).

What do you think about it?


turning life into an escort mission


Cool led lights on its sides… I wonder how this thing would follow you at 35kph speed :smiley:

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Maybe it can learn to self defend? Who knows? :wink:

I can’t imagine it to not crash into an obstacle at any point at those speeds.

All for new tech - but I have no idea what anyone would use this for?

assuming the pathfinding system can see obstacles, robots are actually way better than humans at not hitting things since their reaction times are waaaaaaaaaay better. autonomous cars, for example, can make movement decisions in around 10 miliseconds, humans take a solid 200 miliseconds to even start reacting to stimulus


Probably for delivery services. In case of eskate it could be used for extra batteries and stuff.

You are right, but I think moving obstacles could still be a problem.

I still dont see how this thing would ‘‘comfortably’’ go over curbs… potholes and other stuff… It might be fun to watch…

In the video… I had a little laugh when they showed how this ‘‘Gita’’ thing rolls down from smooth path… in life there’s usually a lot of un-even surfaces to go over…

Might be a thing for airports… (but the size stills looks too small) and there’s already these ‘‘electric luggages’’ anyways…

I can see use for this in factory’s, medical establishments and similar places where there might be a need to carry stuff over long distances inside a building with smooth floors etc… not on cobble stone paved roads etc :smiley: (at least for 6+mph / 10+kph speeds… not walking speed)

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Looks really expensive!

@Namasaki Depends on used electronics I guess.