Give me my money back @enertion

Damn. Do you not work for Enertion as in there is no company to work for? Or did you just choose a different path?


Fuck! I will never see my 1800usd again… :grimacing: what a shitshow!

Is @adrianenertion still working?

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Hey Carl,

I know I directed a lot of heat towards you during my issues with Enertion. I hope youve moved on to something better, is Enertion still operating, did you get paid? Whatever youre moving onto I cant imagine it would be worse than trying to defend Enertion. Hope youre well!


I hope you’ll also join us more on the other side. I bumped your account just in case. Hope this is a step towards a better situation, man!

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No human being can withstand such a continuos ammount of complains on public forums, so I understand your decision completely @CarlCollins, I’ve read how you tried to calm people down and avoid imminent charge backs, big props to you for that but there seems to be no solution for Enertion unless they fullfil pending raptor orders, stop raptor production and just focus on the unity which is still the company best product and has good reputation.


Thank you for the positive response guys! Enertion is still there, I choose to part ways from it as they are in the critical situation and don’t want me to drag along with them. They are still trying to make the company and product work again and I always wish for Enertion to stay put so you guys will get what you always wanted from them.

I always hope for the best so fingers are crossed.

Currently, I am an unemployed person (currently) and struggling to find a new Job, I hope I will get one soon. :slight_smile:

I will always there for you guys with any help from my little bit of ESK8 knowledge :slight_smile:


Carl do you have a board to ride?


Yeah I have a Raptor 2 :stuck_out_tongue:


So that’s a no :rofl:


Dude @CarlCollins your patience and nerve control must be Bhudda level


Actually, My Raptor 2 is working great since I got it. So it’s actually a yes :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you man

Wish you luck finding a new job, gonna miss getting enertion help from you. You always manage to make everything sound so much better.

Thank you.

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OMG, thank someone who so mad at enertion too. I bought my board about the This year on June or July and it has broken down ever since that time and it’s just one problem after another. This Months problem is that, when I plug my board into the power brick the red light flash’s and nothing happens. I tried to contact the support line (AGAIN) but they aren’t responding. All and all, I wasted my money I should have never trusted this company and my 1,500 dollars I won’t see again. I hate it so much, What a Waste! Ugh it’s so useless it just broken and Never Works! Omfg… I’m so disappointed in myself for trying to even think this board can make my life better, I don’t even have a car, I thought using this board will fix my problems but no. F, I hate myself.

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Get your bank to pull the money back.

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Hey There

Do you have Raptor 2 or 2.1?

I have an 2.1

@CarlCollins let’s start our own Esk8 company


4 months from order to this day. No unity in sight. Last update July.

Some asshat keeps changing the bait.

Have you tried connecting the switch directly to the Unity and also check the charge port wire beneath the display?