Give me my money back @enertion

This message goes out to the enertion team, I have tried to contact you on multiple occasions, using multiple social media venues but to no avail I am still left ignored and wanting answers. I want to be refunded in full on order # 26215 also my ticket order says that the total is $2083. And I am expecting to receive my refund with no percentage retained by enertion for so called “administrative fees” due to the many missed deadlines for delivery and the poorest quality of communication on your behalf as a company. @carl.1


Damn dude, very sorry that happened to you.


You should escalate this with the service you used to pay for the stuff. Enertion seems to have no moral compass.

I dont remember who, but someone tried to use “the 110% refund if not satisfied” claim, and was never given a refund period. Gather evidence and log everything. When the payment company asks you for documentation you will have it.


It seems the most productive way to reach enertion these days is by sending a pm to @adrianenertion.

Don’t know if you have tried that yet, but I noticed you have a fairly new account so maybe give it a try.

I have a similar situation. How long has it been since your first attempt to contact them? I heard they were on some kind of tour, so that might be a reason they are delayed. That is not a good reason to stop support if you ask me. If they don’t respond in within x amount of time your best option is to contact your payment company to get your money back.

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image image I have had a all around bad experience with this company, it has been 4-5 days since my first request to get a refund. But they just replied with only words of more promises, and asking if there was any other packages/products I would want instead of my refund; to which I retorted with there is nothing you can give me besides my money.

call your credit/debit card and do a chargeback.

Or if u used paypal contact them.

This way they cannot keep the unlawful 10/15% admin charges and they end up with a $25 charge for being a bad merchant and getting charge backs… HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS AND DO A CHARGEBACK!!!

Do not waste your life trying to contact Enirtion then will lie to you and laugh behind your back that your an idiot for belieivng them


That looks like my only option if they keep trying to draw this out any further just to waste my time @adrianenertion


I’ll give them a few more days, but if they don’t come through soon I will do the same. I don’t need unnecessary bridge burning if they are really just swamped.

Do note that if you live in the EU you are protected by consumer laws. IANAL but you can get 100% money back, even if you return it within a few days. It also gives you a 1 year warranty by law. Learn more here.

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they are not too busy they are just ignoring customers because they think their custoemrs are stupid and thye can do what they want and people will still buy their products and wait 6months for delivery (completely runining an entire year of riding for hundreds of people by missing the summer) All because they dont want to run their business like professionals and order in stock instead they let the custoemrs wait collect pre-orders and then do nothing till their next preorders are collected so they can order 300 or 500 units for huge discount (probable about $30USD per unit and sell them to you for $300 and make you wait a year all the time pretending the unit will be delivered within 2 or 3 months knowing the whole time it will be 6-9months)


Nope. Shopping INSIDE EU, does not count for outside EU (or swiss)

Again IANAL, but I quote:

I’m not sure how they define specifically (either sells only to or sells and ships to), but if it’s the latter it should be covered. If the European law doesn’t cover it the Australian law does.

Yeah maybe they do ignore them sometimes but at the same time, every time someone does a chargeback, they get set back even more.

Exactly, that’s why I’m still giving them a chance. I just got a message from Enertion saying they are working on it, and as long as there is some communication (to a limit) I’ll be waiting patiently. Everyone will be worse off with a chargeback if it could be resolved otherwise. It’s a nuclear option which should be used with care.

So if Enertion are not honouring their commitments in providing you a refund or simply not responding and you have no other alternative to get your money back, I would advise you to make an application for a trader dispute with them through Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Enertion are an Australian company and Australia has very strict and clear rules when it comes to supplying products within advertised timeframes (search Australian Competition and Consumer Commission - failure to supply a product). I have already put in an application with the tribunal and can provide you with all of Enertions company details and represent you here in Queensland if you would also like to make an application.


Pretty sure that only protects Australian customers. Some bullshit loophole. I’ve heard other members complain about it. @dareno you know?

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If you live in the EU try to explain to them the very strict consumer-protection laws here. I managed to get a 100% refund that way. As any fees for a refund are outlawed here. Also it is very easy to do a chargeback in this situation.

Good luck !

I can confirm that if you purchase from an Australian business that you are covered by the same laws as an Australian purchasing it in country.


That would mean automatic 2 year warranty under AUS consumer law

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I wonder what’s the issue with enertion these days. Maybe their suppliers are not fulfilling their time frames or they are using the money of the last batch of orders to cover the new ones.

They have great products that need some tweaking so I won’t like them go bankrupt or loosing their best men @barajabali