Give your best advice

What is the best advice to builders both new and old? Whether it be something you think about when building, problems you came across and overcame, or just something you live by, what wisdom can you give to the community?

My best advice is to fail faster. The faster you fail, the faster you fix, and the faster a final product is made.

Also, wiring. Pay attention to the lengths of motor wire, they should always have some amount of slack. Depending on how you turn, you can pull on the wires which can cause problems if there isn’t enough slack.

For gods sake, do literally everything you can to protect and fully insulate the phase wires. Don’t kill your vescs!

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Loctite…and then loctite again


Don’t be cheap.


Hospital bills cost more than that quality part you didn’t buy cause it was too expensive.


Think at least twice before u do anything. (For example fry vesc or ruin your battery)


You should be spending 3x time in researching vs actually building.

I would argue if you do proper research you won’t have to fail and fix.


It’s okay to fail but in eskate scene it really isn’t due to it can lead serious damages.

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+1 on insulating your phase-wires. Found that out the hard way.

That was basically my point, failing here is sign that you may have skipped on some research.

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  • Pads, all of them, if you intend to ride above 25.
  • loctite
  • foam pad your enclosures, no one likes a rattle machine
  • wire slack, yes the boards flex even stiff ones, leave some slack in your wires
  • adjust your chargers to proper endvoltages, if you don’t your fancy bms may never kick on if the chargers voltage isn’t adjusted for the load of your pack
  • wider belts the better, if you can’t go wide use an idler
  • setup your ppm endpoints, center points and failsafe properly
  • program VESC based escs independently with isolated power supplies, then later connected to canbus.
  • bigger wheels the better, the more reduction the better
  • use Ackmaniac firmware, it’s the tits, and has loads of extra features not baked into stock warez, as well as improved safety features
  • Antispark switches 95% of the time are a waste of money and will fail… eventually if not quickly (stick to as150 or xt90
  • toe stops, find one, use one, thank it(unless you have a drop/microdrop)
  • griptape, don’t be cheap, good grip is your glue to the board
  • skateshoes, they make a difference
  • bearings, ok I know your board is all fancy, but 100-200mile intervals for bearing services
  • replace your wheel nuts, often, 5-10 times on and off and you should be spending the $2 for new nuts
  • don’t use stock bushings unless you wanna end up in a bush, tune your board for you

I said it first, but pads, do not skimp on them if you intend to ride at speeds this is the most important piece of building that is overlooked.


The amount of time you spend researching and asking question is INDIRECTLY proportional to the amount of money you will go over budget. TRIPLE CHECK DIMENSION of EVERY SINGLE OBJECT/HARDWARE AS WELL AS SPECS

Don’t re-invent the wheel when you don’t need to.

Rely on whats out there thats been tried and tested, and limit your scope.

This is especially important for builders who are trying to sell. Earlier on when pre-builts started showing up on crowdfunding sites you always had people trying to come up with plans that involved building their own decks, making their own wheels, making their own trucks, and trying to innovate and improve everything all at the same time.

Then boosted came around and got it right. Used well known high quality, and good looking parts that were already out there and respected. And all boosted needed to do was to assemble and motorize it. Much smaller scope, less room to fail, and much less work.

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embrace diversity and never give up. ever.


this guy skates. But yeah, definitely on the vesc and canbus programming and powering. The order really matters or else the canbus chip can blow.

  • Put a fuse in our board. Put the RIGHT fuse for your setup.
  • Make sure your cables are the RIGHT ones based on your setup (max amp, etc.).
  • Check brakes before your go on ride after powering on the board.
  • Have fun, a lot of fun !

One of the best sayings I’ve heard was “Steal from the best, invent the rest.” Figure that relates pretty well

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Make sure your belt is at the right tightness. I can’t count how many times I had to readjust my motors. :kissing_heart:

Helmet helmet more helmets


The more helmet, the better :joy: I use a motorcycle helmet. Already saved me once, I will never not wear it again. Especially after reading about Randy Jensen, people really need to wear them. There’s no reason not to honestly.

Pay VERY CLOSE attention to polarity. Double-check before you plug anything together.

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