Giveaway, just pay shipping

Hey guys. I moved to Iceland and I can’t sell these to break even the cost. So I’m giving it away. Just pay the shipping add :beer: money if you want ahaha The thing is, shipping is high so i will send everything in one box, I can’t part it out. Itens: Caliber 50, new Paris Adam Colton, new bushings, used 36T wheel pulley, ID 22mm, 15mm wide, new 11T, 8mm bore, 15mm, new Caliber Chinese mount, new HobbyKing mount, new VESC receiver cable, new 3mm bullets, new Orangatang Durian 89A, used

Total weight without packaging: 3050gr

Estimated shipping to UK, for example: 40€/50$

Paypal :wink:

Who’s interested?


Pm sent :smiley:

mee toooo 10char

Dips, pm is incoming

What If I have everything I need for my esk8 Is it evil asking? dude you should Just buy a longboard Deck and Give some kid a push longboard. I would be so Happy if someone gave me a push longboard for no reason.

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I’d pass the mounts on to a German for 3€ and EU for 5€

I would take the Mounts with pulleys :wink: (Germany)

Maybe he will make this like a cage fight to death :grimacing:

I think we could work something out.

that would be an awesome idea but where i live, there is nowhere to use it. So maybe someone could do that :wink:

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Well the “kid” I’ll give the finished board to is my gf :relaxed:

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dude,… that sounds very wrong :scream:

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haha you perv. You know what I meant

She’s 25

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I’m not a perv and I wont get into your van.


Guys, i’m not making money on this. when i was looking for parts, if i wasn’t 100% online all the time, i wouldn’t get anything, and i didn’t get them. I think it’s unfair. so i will tell you who wrote first PM. then you’ll decide who actually needs these parts the most. it would make sense for someone who doesn’t have any parts or for a gift or something else. But here is the order of PM and what people want. Reminder I’m not parting out. 1 @DeathCookies, germany. chinese mount+ both pulleys 2 @moon, UK. calibers+wheel pulley 3 @Jreamer, calibers 4 @sk8l8r, UK. chinese mount+HK mount+wheel pulley, 5 @Alex.Scheff, Germany. everything 6 @koralle, Germany. everything but would share mount+pulleys to @DeathCookies

please be nice, pray to esk8 god :raised_hands:and decide without being greedy

Nice :slight_smile: i only take what i Need and will give the rest to the others. i followed your timeline and will prioritize it like that.

@me caliber Mount + both pulleys @moon caliber @sk8l8r chinese Mount @Alex.scheff paris trucks + wheels

if that is correct i will create a pm for us about shipping but it is not that expensive (~9€]

Such a hard situation :grin:

i have a chinese caliber mount, and a HK mount, just to clarify. Shipping to germany around 46€

I meant shipping from Germany (up to 2kg) internationally is about 9€