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Okay all updated. There is still a few more items

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What’s the PayPal?

[email protected]

So @barajabali, am I your guy for the tail enclosure? I’m in Canada, so I’ll need a more accurate shipping cost if you’re willing. Also, you’re a seriously awesome dude for doing this sort of thing…

Since there’s more interest in the tail enclosure, I’ll take the oh Canada. And are those steel motor pulleys? If so, I might take a pair. Do you have 2 each of the 15 &16 tooth?

I’d like 2 of the 16 tooth motor pulleys if you still have them please.

8mm shaft for 15mm belt is what I’m after.

You’re a great man

Is the ebay pennyboard deck a 22" model or a 27"?

Can I have the fake penny pls? Thank you

any more of those 15t or 16t motor pulleys? I would love to buy 2 of those low profile pulleys if you have them for 15mm belts

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Are those wheels taken? If not, I’d like to have them.

Shipping payment has been sent. Again, thank you so much for the generosity!

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Im not sure if theyre steel or aluminum actually. I would test but im not near them. I think steel though

Yes you got it, can you send me 14 instead of 5 for international

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Yes I think I have them still. for two its $25 shipped in the US

How much to ship calibers to italy?

The raw ones? $20 (theyre heavy)

As always shipping kills it… Thanks anyways.

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Theyre yoursss

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Theyre yourss