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For giveaway items, I just want $5 for shipping, Items are allocated to the first to comment on this thread. (NOT PM) Limit 1 per user

Up to bat first is the Giveaway Items.

There are 3 enclosures. They may be a bit rough but theyre free so shut up.

  1. @Mobutusan Oh Canada
  2. @wmj259 2 big ass holes
  3. @Lionpuncher Enclosure with a tail

There are 2 decks up for grabs

  1. @DilatedPupils ay fake penny board deck (new)
  2. @intensivegecko “Milk run” deck (downhill style)


  1. @RedEagle 1 set of white 83mm wheels no bearings

  2. @anorak234 Paris trucks with (slightly crooked) welded motor mount for a 63 mm motor (poorly drilled holes) with rust bolts holding an off center gear and 83 mm wheels. (This is my first ever self made drive train from years ago)

Now on to the SALE (add $5 dollars for shipping)

  1. @intensivegecko $25 Pretty much new black 50 degree Caliber trucks
  2. $80 Black Airless wheels by Diyeboards with Ceramic bearings. Ill include the second wheel pulley but I did crack it a bit trying to swap bearings out. I’d use it for single drive.
  3. $25 Raw Caliber 50 degree trucks (modded to fit ‘on axle’ pulleys)
  4. $20 Enertion ‘on axle’ wheel pulley
  5. $25 Revive deck (Had 1 major fall on it and shelved it forever)
  6. $15 25mm wide motor pulleys (10t?) Not sure, same as the Etoxx belt drive kit
  7. $15 25 mm belts for Etoxx belt drives
  8. @Mobutusan (2) @Dmaxx (2 low pro) $10 A bunch of Motor pulleys in the 15 or 16 T range.EACH 2 Left not matching
  9. $300 12s4p with Samsung 25R cells. Brand new, No switch/ display or Charger included


I’ll take it if you don’t mind! Been looking for parts for a small and simple cruiser board…

I’ll take the oh Canada and enclosure with a tail.

You got it. At least it’ll live on

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Pick one, if someone doesnt claim the other then theyre both yours

Awesome! I’ll PM you in a bit and get PayPal dealt with. Thank you so much!

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Enclosure with the tail is the last one right? if @Mobutusan don’t need it I would love it! And if you even ship to Ireland so please place me near the bottom of the list.

How big is the 2 big hole enclosure?

Yea you got it. I’ll need a bit extra for Ireland I think 14 is the cheapest

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It’ll fit a 12s2p of 18650 in standard config

I’ll take the milk downhill deck! Also the black caliber trucks if I can buy them as well

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I will make measurements and send photo of my deck and could you then tell me if it will work? And wow them calibers are cheap I might be interested heard it works great with the turnigy motor mount let me research a bit.

Are all 6 of the 15 - 16t motor pulleys included for 10$? If so, mine!

Each! Lol whoops

I’m not in the shop so I’m not Sure what it measures to be honest

Figured too good to be true. :cry: Still a decent deal.

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If you have a smaller enclosure still up for grabs i would like it please. If the one with a tail doesn’t go to @Blitz then is be glad to have it. :nerd_face:

Thank you so much this is the first time I ever got to a place where I could get something from a giveaway But I just remembered that I will be charging my lipos in a lipo safe bag 1 by 1 too lazy to do something smarter :joy:
I won’t be needing the enclosure thanks again still felt the joy of winning :smiley:

Anytime man!

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I’ll take the 2 hole enclosure! If @Lionpuncher, gets the other