Glassfiber coating a 3d print

Hi everyone, i am building my first board and i am making the battery enclosure now. I have printed the VESC case.

I want to coat it in glassfiber. My question is. Would it be best if i coated the whole 3d print in a grab adhesive like power bond which is kind of rough water based, or should i just apply the glassfiber with epoxy directly.

My though of using a powerbond is 1. to make the surface more rought for the epoxy resin to really stick to. 2. even out the total surface so i get a completly smooth 3d print to lay the glass fiber on.

what do you think?

I would sand it with 80 grit then glass it.

I’ve printed my battery enclosure in 5 parts and glued it together with a glass fiber kit. It’s sturdy and looks like it’ll hold out pretty well. I’ll sand it, put some primer on it and spray paint some black in 2 or 3 layers.

and don’t forget to post pics! :slight_smile:

rough sand & go

I could knock myself out with fine sanding and making things perfect. Unfortunately I’m the guy who puts into those things just enough effort to finish them because adding more time & resources into it would yield too small benefits :slight_smile:

I’m finishing the dual FB enclosure, I’m still experimenting with how to mount them to the board, provide enough airflow and prevent the dirt coming in. Glass fiber on top of printed PLA battery enclosure is rock solid. I’m 99% sure it will hold the abuse beautifully :wink: