Globe Maiden Deck | Dual Hummie Hub Motors | Ollin VESCs | Psychotiller Enclosure | Paris Trucks | Space Cell 10s3p

Finally finished! I’ve been riding this for the past 3 weeks, and have LOVED the way this rides. My main motivation for building this was to reduce my commute time. What I discovered, though, is that I LOVE riding an electric board. I’ve already taken this on two weekend trips just so that I can cruise around while everyone else is asleep in the morning.

People build boards for different reasons and with different contexts in mind, so let me share mine so that people might learn what type of build might work for them. This build in primarily a commuting board in Washington, DC. It’s a 2-2.5 mile commute depending on the route that I take. Below is the elevation map for one direction of the route I’ve been taking most recently.

You can see it’s a reasonably flat route with a little bit of a climb toward the end; steepest climb is 4.88% and that’s only for about a block. For that reason, I chose to try hub motors for my first build. I wanted something stealthy and that would glide nicely when I was off the throttle. I haven’t tried a belted system yet, so not sure how they two actually compare.

My experience with @Hummie’s motors has been great. I’m using the blue-goo aluminum version, 80kv; they do get hot (haven’t measured temperature yet), but I have never lost throttle yet do to overheating and I can still touch my motors for a couple of seconds after I ride. Given the heat, my intuition is that it’s not being efficient, but the ride quality is spectacular. Lots of torque when accelerating and strong, confident braking. I’m using a Space Cell 10s3p.

I would like to get either a slow-cure set of urethane or a pair of @elkick’s drilled-out kegels. I think I’d feel a little more confident carving, knowing that I’m not ruining this slow-cure urethane currently on the motors. That said, kegels in the front and the fast-cure urethane in the back provide plenty of grip and confidence.

Now, time to recognize a few people for their help!

@psychotiller, thank you(!), for being willing to create a custom enclosure for me. I wanted to a long, slim enclosure for the 18650 batteries (Space Cell) plus two VESCs, and you created a great enclosure based off of just a few dimensions. For others who are interested, I think he’s selling this now on his site, or a version similar to it (the Monolith).

@Hummie, big hat tip for starting with a dream of creating a solid hub motor. I know there’s more you want to do to improve your design, but this first version I’ve been riding has been great. I might want to swap out for your steel version later. Even these aluminum ones are great! Anyone with only moderate hills of short or moderate length should consider getting these from Hummie. They’re a great price and they are awesome for my use case.

@chaka, thanks for consistently creating amazing VESCs. The VESCs you shipped to me are solid. Thank you also for bearing my consistent pings about when the VESCs might ship. :wink:

Finally, here’s some pictures of the build.


NIce build !! @surprisebirthday - can you post some more close up pictures with hub motor wires ?? did you use some kind of wire net ? Also what rang do you expect on your 10s3p setup with hummies ?

Have you measured top speed yet? :slight_smile: Have you tried climbing any steeper hills? 10%+

I have the same deck. Nice build!

@NAF, yeah I used a 1/2" braided PET sleeve to help protect the phase wires from getting damaged. On the wires leading into the motors, I added three layers of heat shrink to help minimize wear due to vibrations. Read about an experience Hummie had with a short, so was trying to avoid that scenario.

Haven’t done a good range test yet, but my 5 mile round trip commute seems to drain about 30-35% of my battery when starting from 100%. I’m probably going 12-15 mph on average through the city.

@karma, ha, have not measured top speed yet. Given the expected speeds, I’d probably get more gear before I try that. Honestly, though, I’m not too interested because there’s not too many situations during my commute when I can go above 20mph.

I’ll let folks know when I try some steeper hills. There are a couple of 12% grade hills near me and there’s also a mile long 5% grade hill.

@ra.rend Yes, love this deck. Looking forward to seeing your build!


Forgot, I’m also using these thin velcro strips that adhere to themselves to keeps the cables together. I’m also using these 3M strips to hold the braided PET cable covers to the bottom of the board. I had a little more phase length than I wanted so I came up with this solution of wrangling it all rather than sticking it in the enclosure where space was already tight. After I get a little more joy out of the board, I may try to shorten the phase wires.

Looks super clean ! I am gonna do the same !

I didn’t make a build thread but here’s mine :slight_smile:


Sweet build!

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Who makes that deck?

Globe. It says it in the title.

Globe. Here’s a link for more details. You might be able to find it for cheaper elsewhere:

Ordered the same deck from the local skateshop here. Suprisingly cheap, only 130 euros.

@surprisebirthday: What Batt Max and Batt Regen settings are you using for this? I’ve got the same hubs and I’m trying to figure out good settings that won’t kill my battery.

@faust They’re great hubs! I’ll check my settings when I get back home in a week. I’m in Pittsburgh, sans equipment to open my board and connect to my VESCs to check settings. If memory serves, I kept the defaults but lowered the Batt Regen to prevent too much current flowing back into the battery… I think I set it at 12A because I’m running a 10s3p (4A per pack).