Globe "the maiden" deck | carvon dual hub motors | psychotiller enclosure | 12s battery (diyelectricskatebord) | Ollin VESCs |

Finished my build a OMG is it a blast! Hit 30mph and chickened out! The battery is a bit big for the deck but fits just fine. I took the battery apart so I could mount the switch and charging port on the case. I used screw inserts To attach the enclosure. I must say the ABEC 11 wheels on the carvon hubs are so smooth and fun to carve!


Nice build! How much would you say the total cost was?

That’s a really clean build!!! I’ll bet you had a lot of throttle left at 30mph

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Awesome build! Carvon V2 with 12S = :rocket:

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looks really great! :open_mouth:

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Thanks! I would say cost is around $1500. I’m using pretty much default BLDC settings and definitely have to kick it once to get going (I weigh 200lbs) which is fine. Its not like the torque is so bad it can knock me off so Im not sure if I need to do some adjusting as far as batt and motor max. alos, any advice on setting the PPM values for my GT2B controller? Its at the default currently.

Nice build!

Did your battery pack come with an 80Amp fuse and a rocker switch or a 30Amp fuse and a push button switch?

Also, it looks like you’re using risers. Is that right? Did you need those to avoid wheel bite or are they just to cut down on vibration?

is that a @psychotiller enclosure?

It will still wheel bit with deep turns at low speed and the risers do cut down on vibration. My battery has 80a fuse and rocker switch

Yes, that is correct

Nice build! I’m also considering to get the single carvon with this deck. Would you recommend it?