GnarBoards Does anyone have one

GnarBoards Does anyone have one

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Hah i was trying to look up this one also…

When looking at their page… Seemed it was quite dead… tried to write email, no response

Don’t think the guy got it off the ground. Think it was on kickstarter but no takers because it kind of disappeared.

Ok so I just sent emails asking to buy. For along time now the site says that all boards are sold out and also says send email to build your own kit and that build your kits will only be offered for the future. I have never heard or seen of anyone owning and riding the board other then the maker Joshe. I had chatted with him years ago before most of the others electric companies were around. I consider him a pioneer. I would have bought one of his boards back then but it costed more even then the Baja Board or a la crox or Trampa

Great videos…wonder if he’d do a guest appearance or topic here?

that page has been dead along time, I tried to buy one when they first came out so many years ago - this was the first eboard that fully got my attention, the second I actually was the bajaboard I bought in 2015 :wink: