Going FOC on Dual Build. Worth it? How to?

Hey guys now that I have finished my last build. I am curious about going FOC just for the stealthy sound. My setup is:

dual 6355 190kv dual Focbox’s 10s3p 16/36 gear 90mm wheels

How can I go about this without fucking up my vescs or motors. Ive read a lot of bad things happening to vescs when in FOC mode. Can anyone guide me?

well, the fact that you have focboxs makes it a bit safer. I wouldn’t even bother trying FOC with other 4.12HWs.

I’d start with doing detection and seeing if it all works.

Had foc on mine for months I don’t see the big deal I switch between bldc and foc daily

Download VESC Tool and upload new FW, FOC is much better and safer now. Normally you just detect and measure the motors, then apply, that’s it. Easy :sunglasses: