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Going to build a electric skateboard. Don't know what to get

I want to build an electric skateboard. I have been trying my best to research what to get but everyone has different ideas on what to get and which products are best. I am looking to have a top speed of 20 - 25 mph (32 -40 kph) and a range of 5- 10 miles (8 -16 km). I would also need the motor to be able to climb hills as I am surrounded by them. I weigh 45kg (100 lbs) and live in the UK. Thanks in advance for any ideas of what is the best to buy at a reasonable price. My budget isn’t too high. I can give any other necessary information. Please can you just give me an idea of everything I will need as if I get lots of different options I will worry about what’s the best. Thanks in advance for any help.

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My first recommendation would be you to buy a complete.

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Here’s my recommendation:

Don’t listen to @olgamedt, completes are usually a complete work of overpriced shit that will leave you wanting more. Take a good 5+ hours to do extensive research on this forum of not the products but how everything works and how to achieve a good combination of speed vs. torque - the search button is there for a reason and there are even several beginners threads with fantastic technical information. Your budget will determine the bulk of what you go with, as if you want 40km/h you’ll likely end up with a 12s setup using LiPO batteries (I don’t like them because they are not very safe compared to Lion or LiFePo however they are the most affordable option). Anyways I’m not posting any particular products because I want you to do more research on the technical side of things so that you can understand how it all works before deciding which one is best. The reason that everyone recommends different things is because everyone has different needs for what works best for them (hint: with both hills and speed you’ll want dual geared drive 12s + 190kv + 13:36 ratio and 83mm wheels). Good luck, and feel free to ask questions based on the research that you conduct and the information that you compile. Remember these are all my suggestions and opinions, and for all I know @olgamedt could be totally right about a pre-built board for you. I guess we’ll all find out.

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Well explained, due to my laziness I would say the same but for total noobs I would suggest buying a complete. Might be overpriced, but for beginners who doesnt know much it might as well save them alot.

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Thanks for the help. I will follow your ideas an spend a long time doing extensive research about what to get. I want to make sure my board is not too expensive. I’ll try and work out how everything works. Thanks again for the advice.


Trust me I don’t even longboard so when I try to build this it was REALLY complicated BUT I’ll make it super easy for you. Since you want speed then I suggest going with 260 - 270 kV since you are 100 lbs…I’m 120 lbs so you a fly pretty much, so you don’t need 190 kV for torque but I’m no expert so it’s entirely up to you. And to get to that speed I think you need 10s to 12s you could get away with 9s. Just buy 9s and see how it goes.
This page should help you calculate the the gear ratio that you need.{“batt-type-lipo”:1,“batt-cells”:10,“motor-kv”:190,“system-efficiency”:100,“motor-pulley-teeth”:15,“wheel-pulley-teeth”:36,“wheel-size”:83}|
You gotta tell me what’s your budget so I can help you. Because if you comfortable with soldering stuff then it will be MUCH cheaper for you. Hope this helps

you can check my website to get some inspiration :slight_smile:

also you can take a look the builds forum

you weigh 100lbs? are the the test rider for cheap Chinese boards? because you will probably get all their hill climb, speed and range that’s advertised =)

a single 6374 motor, 10s3p battery should get you what you need. dual motors are great and all for torque, but it doesn’t increase speed and decreases range.

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agree with @mikenopolis on the one person who would get the range stated by benchwheel/landwheel/e-go/etc.:laughing:

For only 100lbs you have it easy. Single motor 10 or 12s and you will be good to go! I’d go with 83mm wheels, 190kv 6374, and 12mm or 15mm belt 15/40 or 14/40 gearing. Tons of power and a lighter setup to carry as well.

leave the dual motors for us folks nearly 3 times your weight… hehehe.

Welcome and good luck!

yes I am in the same boat, I am looking to build one been lurking the threads for awhile now, for me budget is not a problem I just want the fastest board I can build

Was wondering your reccomendations if you were to build your “Dream board” what would you use?

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I would look at these two threads.

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