Going to build my own

I am going to be building my own, currently own a boosted v2 and Evolve GTX AT. I love the controller on the boosted board, but simply hate the Evolve controller. It has been a joy to ride with the AT wheels, totally different ride but something about the remote just rubs me wrong. Has not dropped signal at all, no issues like a lot have had, but I only have ~25 miles on it.

I am right at 250 pounds (trying to lose weight but I like food), so I wanted to know what you suggest for a board that won’t be so upset when my fat a$$ gets on it :). The Boosted doesn’t seem to mind at all, but I fell like the GTX hates me when I get on it. I want to make sure I buy the right parts from the start so I don’t have a build I am not happy with.

  1. Board - What do you suggest
  2. Motors/Gear Ratio - What do you suggest for a heavier rider (miles are more important than speed, 250 falling at a high speed = no good.
  3. Controller - Open on this, want dead man switch for sure, rolling wheel is cool, but not required.
  4. Trucks that don’t mind fatties.

Thank you all for the help/suggestions, and so glad I found this site. I have been reading a ton and learning a lot!

first thing to do is read some more :slight_smile:

the board is a personal choice, do you like the flex of the boosted or prefer a stiffer deck? once you have narrowed the choice down look for what folks here are recommending witg real world experience.

there are great gearing calcs to be found, personally i am going to try a higher torque setup next as i dont hit anywhere near the top speed my board is capable of, so better hill climbing performance will be welcome.

most folks go for caliber ii 50 trucks as there are a lot of motor clamp options available.

where are you based?

I like some flex but want to make sure my weight doesn’t cause the board to snap.

For sure I want higher torque, I agree on climbing hills vs speed.

Where is a good online shop(s) in the US to buy from. Support local when I can but if I can’t then looking for reputable with great customer service.

I am in Atlanta, GA

Hey Scott - fellow bigger guy here. About 265 right now out of the shower… so a bit outside the norm for most boards.

Flex or no flex is really irrelevant to the “carry me up hills” need. I have both stiff and flex decks (not super flexy). I’ve even had good luck with single motor setups - when geared correctly. I just did ~4 miles testing around my house w/ eagletree data logger to check actual current consumption (how many amps do i really pull under load?!?).

So - once you figure out deck, and wheels that will fit deck (i’m a low as you can go kinda guy - little or no risers preferred) - it’s all in the electronics and gearing.

First i’d get the 40t gears from DIYes. Paired with the 13t motor gear in 12mm (if you are running dual motors as i expect) - or dual 15mm if you can - more drag off throttle, but more distributed load = less/no skipping when braking hard.

Motors - as low as you can go kv - SK3 149/168, or another of the 190/192kv 6355 or 6374 motors. If you want to run dual 6374 motors - take a look at DIYes extra wide Caliber II clones. You can run dual 6374 and 15mm gear/belts w/ normal wheels up to 97mm. I even fit dual e-fly 107mm but had to go to 12mm gears instead to fit.

Idler gear if you can fit and mount it yourself - will let you run the belt a bit looser, but also keep more teeth in mesh which helps w/ skipping.

ESC - i’d get the best you can afford. VESC 6 from Trampa, Ollin new direct FET, esk8.de direct FET, FOCBOX, Axle, DIYes VESC. My order of preference and pretty close to most $$$ to least $$.

I’d also run FOC sensored. Gives you a smoother start, a bit more torque, and a little less top speed it seems.


I’ll make you one @scottw :slight_smile:



Can you PM me a price. Your work is amazing. I just need fat friendly lol.

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Thx@scottw ! Ya for sure!

Hey man - glad to help. You pinged me with a few more questions i’m going to answer here so others can find instead of via PM:

DIYelectricskateboards.com is DIYes - great motors (longer shafts, sensored - pretty great quality i think). THe 190kv motors in 6355 or 6374 would be my suggestion. Beware dual 6374 is supposed to be stupid powerful - so be careful if you go that route.

Trampa board - good fit - i’d look at the underside enclosure that Frank/@trampa documented step by step - stealth and looks good. Or Whitepony/OKP (don’t recall which) did a DIY carbon version that is i think even a bit nicer… But the easiest would be to get the one from Trampa same time as board.

In a nutshell - the street carver (non pneumatic) looks like a great option. I would still try to find 40t 12mm or 15mm setups to best fit a heavier rider. If you want to go pneumatic i’m not able to suggest since i’ve never ridden. I’d go bigger motors (the 6374’s) and gear as low as you can. Bigger wheels = higher top speed, so always good to gear down for both hills and less crazy fast speeds.

Batts - depends on your budget, and desire for simplicity. Lipo have best performance for the weight, but you need to inspect and manually connect each to charge (yes you can cut corners and charge in the enclosure, but a bit risky if one of the cells is damaged/puffed and then has problems (like heat leading to fire)). I prefer and suggest everyone inspect before charge, and always balance charge all Lipos.

OR you can go 18650 to start, and BMS for best of both worlds, but more $ and you have to be really selective of batteries. Sounds like you understand the difference in quality cells vs knockoffs. My 3 suggested would be Sony VTC5a’s (mooch rated 25A continuous), 30Q (20A i believe tested), and HG2 (downgraded to 19A iirc). In 4p min or 5p preferred. I think you are limited to 10s5p in the Trampa Enclosure? Someone confirm if more confident than me.

And remote suggestions - I almost always suggest the GT2b controller - super reliable and once you move into smaller enclosure (Sparkle or MasterCho are my current 2 favorites) - sweet form factor then. Bulky stock, but works until you move it into smaller 3d one.

HTH - best of luck!

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Do you think a single motor has enough torque to pull a bigger guy?

I want to build something that can go 20-25 miles per pack. Swappable would be great but if I can get 25 on AT wheels it won’t be nessary. If that helps.

With regards to motor KV: We designed our motors to have high torque and lower KV. In consequence we get very good results compared to 6374 190KV, which is way to high for 12S IMHO. Torque is watt you want. The higher the KV, the less torque you produce at the same amp flow. Keeping the amp flow as low as possible is always good. In addition less gearing is required to achieve the same top speed. We all know that gearing is limited, using HTD 5M belts. So look at the gearing you can achieve (as high as possible), choose a 12S setup, then choose the top speed you want to hit, finally choose a motor that will get you there. The KV value should be rather lower than higher. 115-150 is quite a good range. For the motor it doesn’t matter, but it matters for the ESC and battery. You can get 12S4P under a carver, using my method. 12S4P gives a fantastic performance and range. Sony VTC 5A or VTC 6 cells are really nice.


If you like the boosted style, I recommend you check out this build :

I understand @Eboosted sells enclosures if you want to go this way :slight_smile:

If you want to go with something with AT capability that still has plenty of flex, I would recommend a Trampa Holypro or HS11 deck with vertigo trucks and dual sensored 6374s. There are plenty of options for sourcing drivetrain parts on the forum.

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Would you all go with a pair of focbox or Olin. Is double the price worth it?

I have decided on the board, going to use @treenutter his builds are just amazing imo. Now deciding on which board, I’d take one of each if my wife wouldn’t murder me lol.

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Going to go with those motors for sure! You like those trucks?

For a Trampa deck, yes.

If you want to use big wheels you’ll need enough clearance on your deck to avoid wheel bite, and/or use longer hanger trucks, see @psychotiller or @torqueboards for options. As these options have 8mm axles you can interchange them with kegels, or regular flywheel style wheels if you want more flexibility or speed.

Are you considering going dual diagonal drive? :heart_eyes: If so, you’ll need to plan ahead as to what to do with the real estate under your board (e.g. battery size, and how to route your wires).

As for speed controllers, I don’t really have a preference as long as its reliable at higher amps/voltage and easy to configure (read: idiot proof). Sure, smaller and sexier is nice, but that means nothing when a chip decides to fry itself, your brakes lock up, and you get thrown off at high speed. All I will say is that if you have problems, you might come to value a warranty and after sales support.


Watch this space:

So I am fairly new to this scene. This is my first stab at 3d printed hardware

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Thinking about the following components

Board - Caldera (working on color now) @treenutter
Motors - 2 x 6374 190kv motors from @torqueboards Trucks - TB 218mm(2) Motor Mounts - TB mounts (2) ESC’s - FOCBOX ESC’s (2) Batteries - 10s4p batteries (maybe?) I want 22 miles, don’t need anything faster than 20mph (I am too big to fall any faster lol). Who makes the best packs on this site, want to support someone here! BMS - Yes want for sure, not sure where to go here. Controller - Not 100% but want to be able to choose 2-3 speeds, breaks, Deadman Switch, LED monitor for battery level left in board. (does not have to be bluetooth) Battery/ESC box - Not sure yet, open to suggestions Pulleys/Belts - Open , Need suggestions Wheels/tires - 6" AT wheels for sure, open to suggestions on brand

@barajabali or @torqueboards make 10s4p packs. Apologies if I missed anyone else. If you have a battery pack made for you then a BMS will be included and you don’t need to buy one separately.