Going to order 30Q cells, group buy I guess? -- parts 1 and 2 are done, thank you

i need more cells, going to order 30Q from imrbatteries but wanted to see if anyone else needed some.

i may just shoot for the 400 count discount at $3.85 per cell, and sell excess in couples on ebay to vapers.

below is a difference of buying in smaller quantities, and getting in on this group buy.

See here for payment info:

Nov 20 2017 edit, getting some more:

Nov 21 2017 edit, group buy part 2 is over:

what do they sell for on ebay to vapers for? I bought 40 but think ill just do 10s3p as rooms an issue…what can I sell them for?

they use 18650 cells in custom vapes. like us esk8ers, they need high drain cells and use the same as us, ie 25r, hg2, 30q, etc

some nice savings to be got

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wow you are really hooked on esk8 lol

My cells from nkon came out to $3.3 a cell after shipping btw. I bought 200.


pete, are you in europe? for some reason I’ve just assumed u were stateside.


I gotta build another board for a friend and want to save as much monies possible, so getting larger quantities for cheap then reselling. just sold my car so got some cash lying around.

I’m in sunny california!

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dafuq, thought nkon was europe.

gonna go searching


As low as €2.59 when you buy over 20. Shipping came out to 50 euro for 200 cells. Ships from Berlin, but only took a week or so for me!


i had a factory/supplier from china email me about cells with really low prices. all these websites are resellers anyways so if you really want to save go closer to the source!

show me I’ve tried looking

they found me. 30q 2.9, 25r 2.35. hg2 3.3 before shipping. and probably before the bulk pricing also…

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How legit is the company?

Check the price on nkon its better

See the ru in the beggining of the link,remove it and your order will come from netherlands


I paid $378 for 132 pcs of 30q from ru.nkon, shipped. And I need more. So if you’re ordering some, I’m in.

Edit: $343 for the batteries, $35 for the shipping

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Heres the Company i ordered through Alibaba, they sent me legit 30q’s @ $3 a cell for 60 (probably cheaper for more cells)


yupp thats the same one that i’m talking about…

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In for 10s4p